About me

Obsession. From fashion to photography to great bargains and shoes to travelling and exotic places to animal prints to Barcelona (the football club) to French fries to cats (I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the picture)

After studying fashion and design, advanced courses in lingerie design and wedding dresses and couture gowns pattern making and a little bit of footwear design, I found myself working as a stylist. My experience includes interning for a fashion magazine, styling for a couple of Bollywood movies, innumerous fashion shows and shoots and some TVCs and ads and also a few campaigns as well. My love and passion for writing, fashion, travel and photography is what made me start Head2Heels in 2010 and keeps it currently alive. 

-Roxanne D'souza

Head2Heels is aimed to inspire the fashion conscious girl who's on a budget. Our forte would be street shopping and scoring great deals and bargains. We are not into splurging on brands and investing on the latest trends, but we can help you find your way among the scores of new trends that seem to emerge on a daily basis, without losing yourself in the process.

We also collaborate with various fashion brands and wessites for various activities, events, shoots and posts.
For any collaboration inquiries shoot us an email at info.head2heels@gmail.com

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  1. Hey, lovely reading about you, and great pictures. And sometimes commentors do come back to read replies, I do, and so do a lot of people who comment on my blog...especially if they left a query :)

    Nice blog gorgeous!

  2. Hi Roxanne. I am Inigo. I read about you. It's a such as nice blog and good picture. Fashion Designing Courses India

  3. Hi roxanne, found you in indiblogger, if you are interested in writing guest posts on fashion you are invited to do for my blog :)may be like an profile of any famous fashion designer or about the latest fashion trends. but its going to be a guest post, not a paid article. revert if you are interested.

  4. Your blog is very refreshing, and I love your style :D


  5. Hi! Love your blog! The first blog post I read was your search for an intern. I'm sorry for all the drama that you're facing but Gosh! I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud so much after reading a blog post! So thank you for that! :D Love your experimental sense of style!<3
    All the best with the hunt for the perfect intern!

    Best Regards