The best places to photograph the Eiffel Tower


If you have visited Paris, you're sure to have a million pictures of the Eiffel Tower because how else can you prove that you've been to Paris? I mean it's just impossible to come back from a trip to the city without a few dozen Eiffel tower images in your camera roll. This was my fourth or fifth visit and while I'm totally over actually climbing the tower since I crossed that off my list a decade ago, when I visited for the the first time. I don't think I'll ever do it again because it's definitely a one time thing for me and I don't have that much free time (3 hours minimum) and even if I did, I'd rather laze around by the Seine and eat cheese and fruit instead of unnecessary cardio. Also, there's nothing more iconic than the Parisian skyline WITH the Eiffel tower, so what good is climbing the tower because what exactly are you photographing when you're literally standing on top of one of the most photogenic landmarks in the world?
During this trip, I on the lookout for locations to view and enjoy the Eiffel Tower from. I've already been on the Seine river cruise so I'm familiar with that view and I've also gotten the view from the Montparnassee tower and even the Arc de Triomphe. But, neither of these views are free and they could cost anything from 12-20 euros, so I was hell bent on finding cool and unique locations where you could get some amazing photographic content.

While I made a list before the trip and had planned to hit all those places, thanks to a French train strike, we arrived in Paris a day later than what we had planned and so we had an entire day cut off from our schedule. I personally felt attacked but I still made sure we hit a few spots from my list. So here goes...


It goes without saying, Trocadero is the numero uno spot for this view. You'll in fact manage to rub shoulders with every single tourist in the city right at this little platform. You'll be lucky to even get a cute solo picture of yourself with the Eiffel Tower here without having other tourists photobomb you! The only fix for this would be to rise early in the morning and reach here before 9 am, if you want a break from the hordes or tourists and even worse, the tour groups in huge clusters that will ensure you never get your picture.

We made sure we were there by around 8 am and we saw a bunch of photoshoots taking place right next to us. There were influencer couples and engagement shoots everywhere and before you feel discouraged, you'll get a chance to take your solo pictures. We passed by a very professional shoot taking place with models and lights and they lifted equipment and even let us take a picture from their spot.
Meanwhile, there was someone popping open a bottle of champagne for their couple's shoot a few meters away while on the other side a very professional camera was calling out directions to his subject while he laid belly flat on the floor. It really is a sight to see and afterwards, you can find a cute cafe for breakfast. Win!

Also, big disclaimer, there was a bunch of people in the background of all these pictures, but since they were 4-5 people, I edited them out on the photoshop fix app on my iPhone.

The steps

Without sounding too ambiguous, this entry really is an extension of Trocadero itself, but because it's so unique, it got it's own entry. You're sure to have seen several picture from this point if you've highly active on Instagram. This is an influencer hot spot and too get to the steps, all you have to do is walk away from Trocadero towards the Eiffel Tower and you'll find yourself automatically climbing down the steps.

We went to the steps at around 8:30 am right after we finished with our pictures at Trocadéro and we also went there the previous night and got our pictures. At both times, the steps also had other people  clicking pictures all over the place, but it's easy to space out and not overlap with others so you definitely will get your picture. Also the steps are on both sides so you're sure to find a free spot. 

I really think the best time to get here is at sunset, so you get golden hour where the Eiffel Tower looks magnificent and you'll have plenty of great lighting as well. But early morning works too. Anything from 9am to 12pm would not work very well on a sunny day because the sun would be directly behind the tower and your pictures would look like crap. But the night shots look pretty neat as well especially for an image that was shot on my phone!

The Carousels 

Now on to one of my favourite spots, which is the pretty carousels. Now pay attention, there's two of them; one that's across the street from the Eiffel tower and one that's across the river from the street from the Eiffel tower. We spent the evening at the one that's across the river and we watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle from this very spot. The lights from the carousel and the tower make a very pretty picture. A lot of people flock over to crowded and noisy Trocadéro to watch the tower light up  but I think this is the best spot because there's almost no one here, there's a bench you can sit on and you get to listen to the sound of the music from the carousel! That's a big win. 

From Trocad visited the one that's across the street from the tower and while I was reluctant to climb aboard to take pictures here (since you hear a lot of things about the French being rude at times) we asked for permission anyway, and the operator there was nice about it and let us. And of course I felt kind of guilty to just pose and then walk away, I convinced Sheehan that we should ride the carousel so that we don't look like freeloaders, not that she needed any convincing. So at 3 euros per person; we rode the carousel like excited children and I got a bunch of videos of us with the tower as we spun around. Once the ride halted and as we were getting off, I looked back and saw the staircase and the Eiffel tower in a single frame and I yelled at Sheehan and said "Quick! take my picture here! This is the spot" and after I dragged her back, I walked down the stairs in slow motion and that's how I luckily managed to get my perfect frame. 

Rue de l'Université

Months before our trip, I found a ton of images of influencers I follow on this little street. I was in love with how precious the view of the Eiffel Tower was and how ginormous it looked in that tiny little street. So if I had to choose just one, this was was THE SPOT that I could not miss on and one which I had to visit anyhow. If you're really really lucky, you might find the street with barely any cars parked. But I wasn't that lucky.

Talking about luck, I usually map most things and I thought I did the same with this street but we ended up on the complete opposite side of the Eiffel Tower and I almost gave up after we walked around in circles. Also, we couldn't find any wifi and Sheehan was annoyed and getting tired (and this was after we already visited Trocadero and walked till the carousel and around) so we decided to find the nearest metro and head to our next destination in the city where we were to meet the rest of the family (and we were already running 30 minutes late) and as luck would have had it, we found the street! It was clearly worth the walk.

Avenue de Camoëns

Even though the view from Avenue de Camoens is just the top half of the tower and not the entire tower, this place is a secret hot spot because it's not only away from all the crowds but it's also nestled between the most posh apartments in the city. It's also a few minutes away from Trocadero by foot, so I planned for us to walk there after we were done at the stairs.

Only when we arrived at the spot, we realised we were there at the wrong time of the day. The Eiffel tower was completely back lit and all our pictures looked terrible to me, but because I have some quite rad photo editing skills, I was able to revive most of those pictures with lightroom filters but even then, they're not as great as I thought they would be.

So if you do plan to visit this spot (and I recommend that you do especially if you want to take some creative pictures), make sure you get here by around 4pm so that the sun is not a hindrance. Any other time seems a complete waste.

Place de Varsovie

This place was never in our list. I don't even think it's a legit place on anyone's list for that matter. We came across it as we walked around. What's great about this spot is that it's right next to Pont D'lena (the bridge that's falls in the middle of both Trocadero and the Eiffel tower) so it will already be a part of your route as you walk towards the tower. What made us stop to take our pictures here was the blue skies. We were there just a few minutes before the sun could set and I was in a hurry to take pictures before we lost all light completely.

Apart from us there were a bunch of people already at this spot, clicking their own pictures, but we got a spot as soon as a group of friends were done with theirs. Also I wasn't happy with how close I was to the pillar in these pictures as I can get super anal with having my horizons in right angles but I tried to channel my vision towards the Eiffel Tower and tried to stop getting bothered about the pillar that was completely askew.

So this sums up all the spots I visited within a span of 24 hours for all my Eiffel Tower pictures. Also in my list of spots was the rooftop of the Printemps shopping complex, but since it wasn't in the vicinity was away from most of our other spots to visit, we didn't make it there. Another one was from under the Bir Hakeim bridge (which is just fantastic and if you've watched the movie Inception more than once, you'll definitely recognise it.

But apart from my suggestions, of course there are still a lot more places to enjoy the view from. I'm still trying to discover them and it might take another couple of trips to Paris to try and test them out! While I obviously suggest you hit half of my suggestions, I would also recommend simply walking around the area. Get down at Trocadéro and make your way towards the Eiffel Tower. Walk by the Seine, in fact, picnic by the Seine! Or if you're afraid of the sea gulls (I once had a french fry snatched from mu hand by those birds there) take your picnic to Champ de mars instead. There are also multiple bridges from where you can get a great view as well.

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