Floral & fading


It's no secret that I've always fancied flowers and all things floral and it's documented very clearly all over in my blog and on my social media as well. Flowers are and will always be my aesthetic, when it comes to dressing up, or finding a background to pose in front of or even framing my pictures. While I already have a bunch of floral capes and a Pinterest board to go with it, what I lacked was a cute floral dress. I mean yes, I have a ton of floral dresses, but none which fit me like I would like it to. So of course, I was on the look out for something cute.
Around the same time, I was texting my aunt in DuVAI. It's a thing we do, where she screens through all the sales and picks things she thinks I would like and then sends me pictures of them so that I can tell her if I would like what she's picked. So this time, since I was pining for a floral dress, I explained in text and even sent her a couple of reference images. She sent me a few pictures soon after of a few dresses, all of which I liked and I asked her to pick any one of her choice. But since my aunt loves to spoil me, she picked them all (4 floral dresses) and also picked a few floral tops (3 of them floral and 1 plain) because I complained I had too many skirts and not enough cute tops.  

So now that you know one of the main sources of my ever increasing wardrobe let's move on to the post which is about one of those floral tops. This one was my favourite of the lot and even though I wondered how I would manage to pull it off and what to wear with it to not enhance my butt too much. Denims were a complete no for me, because I'm not a fan of the crop top-denim look which looks good on most college girls, I just felt I needed something a lot more age appropriate for myself. And usually I would still consider wearing something cropped with denims as long as I could wear a duster or a cardi to cover most of my butt, because as much as I love how my derriere looks, my first preference is to go about with my daily live without any negative gaze or unwanted attention.
So mentally I was thinking a nice straight fit denim skirt would be the best, but of course, I don't have one, apart from a few a-line midis, but luckily, I had this green one that I got from possibly the same forever 21 in Dubai a couple of years ago and it just worked well! 

So I was really into this outfit, of course it still makes my butt look big as my mum was very eager to point out, but I actually liked it this time. 

Floral top and skirt - Forever 21 Bag - H&M | Shoes- Zara 

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