3 ways to style a shirt dress - Travel edition


As I've shared previously, I'm reaaallly looking forward to my upcoming Euro trip. What's the most exciting is that it's with my family, and the last time we were in Europe together was almost a decade ago, when they were dropping me off at Milan. So apart from planning the itinerary and booking all our hotels, airbnbs and flight tickets, I've been busy planning my wardrobe since we're going to have limited baggage allowance because of the budget flights. Also, I do plan on shooting as much as I can, so I have to make sure I have stuff worth photographing. So I've been pondering over my wardrobe and trying to dig out the most versatile pieces I own, that can be worn and styled in multiple ways. 

During one of my recent fabric shopping sprees, I found this cute window pane checkered shirt dress which was clearly a few sizes too big for me. But that's never stopped me from buying bigger sizes and I love an over-sized piece because it's not just the comfort factor that comes along with it, but also (most times) there's this aura of "effortless chic" that I love and crave. Not to mention, this one was quite a steal; at around 650 rupees. So it was an instant buy!

Since I'm in that travel state of mind, I decided to theme this post and make travel friendly. So when it actually came to styling, I decided to do two simple looks that would work as a sightseeing look and possibly an airport look. And for my third look, I unintentionally managed to create something that looks very designer-ish and pretty cool. 


The first look was paired with a basic black jumpsuit. I was torn between a dress and the jumpsuit for this piece, but decided to side with the jumpsuit instead because as a travel piece, it has a lot more potential to be re-styled and can be passed off as something for the evening as well. You can also always wear a blouse or a tee over your jumpsuit and give it a different look. While printed pieces are cute and work well for tropical and beach destinations, I find a solid colour the best as it creates a bigger impact (for me at least.)  So I'd recommend a navy or a bottle green since those colours work well (if you're not a fan of black that is.) I'd avoid white like the plague because while it could look chic, it's an accident waiting to happen, especially if you're a clumsy person. 
My black knitted jumpsuit worked nicely with the shirt dress. I'd not recommend wedges (those were just added for effect and because my jumpsuit needs a hem) but instead would thing sandals or a pair of sneakers would be the perfect accompaniment. 


My second look was the easiest and is a last minute outfit that can be worn with either denims or leggings. What is cool is that there's no need for an upper like a blouse or a tee and the shirt dress can be buttoned to conceal your assets and works perfectly. Usually I'd think twice about a look like this, especially at the airport, because I know I need my pockets to stash in my phone and my boarding pass and sometimes, even my earphones, in between check-in, security and while waiting at the gate, but luckily, this shirt dress came with deep and roomy pockets. So that was a very big win!
Since the shirt dress is quite big for me, it's very comfortable when buttoned as well and I cant imagine anything more comfortable that this while strapped on to a seat. Sure, an over-sized sweatshirt could do the trick as well, But I'm willing to bet a shirt dress (like the one I have on) is a lot more sophisticated than a sweatshirt.


My last look was sort of a fluke and not necessarily a party look, but it could pass off as one. I mis-buttoned the shirt dress and ended up with something that looked quite cool with a half off shoulder. All I needed was a belt to cinch in my waist and a safety pin to pin the bottom slit that opened up too high on my thigh. But this look would work extremely well as an evening piece, whether it's a (tinder) date or a visit to a club to enjoy the local nightlife. 
To create this look, you'll need an extra 10 minutes of practice to get the perfect drape that works for you. You also will have to make sure, your shirt dress, like mine, is over-sized, else you won't get the same effect. 

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