Nine in the afternoon


Call me a sucker for monochromes and monotones, and while I love colour blocking from time to time, I prefer matching my tones while creating a look. And that's how I decided to wear my blue shirt dress under a blue floral cape in what I'd like to call, my kind of basic. A lot of women wear denims and a tee as their daily basics, but I wear my capes like security blankets and you'll see me in one almost every single day! While my look is a lot more than just basic, since I wore wedges and carried a contrast fringed bag, as much as I managed to elevate it, it's still quite regular and more of a lunch with friends or a work meeting kind of outfit (for me at least.) 

Activated charcoal and Aloe Vera Cocktail


When Raw Pressery sends you lemonade, you make cocktails, right? Well send me any juice and I'll always make a cocktail. What's special with these two cocktails however is the ingredients. Activated charcoal and aloe vera are two items that are packed with tons of nutrients with a lot of health benefits. They're both in at the moment and have the same wow factor as kale. While both are trendy drinks, it's definitely worth a try. I was very inspired to create healthy cocktails because of these two juices. I made sure all my ingredients were fresh and didn't add any sweetening to enhance flavours (not that it's necessary.) Both cocktails actualy turned out quite well, and one works perfect for day while the other is perfect for the evening.