Everybody wants change, but not everyone's ready for it. I feel like I spent the better two thirds of January, ideating for new shoot concepts, creating an itinerary for a trip that's over 4 months away, corresponding with "potential" work opportunities and watching the first 11 seasons of Supernatural. Before I realised it, time has flown by and we're already in February. I always tell myself at the start of the year, that I'm going to be a lot more productive this year and dedicate more time to creating content, I'll stop binge watching Netflix (technically that's sort of ticked off, I just moved on to Amazon Prime) and I'll start working out (I have, yaaay!) All of Jan is spent dreaming and and planning on Pinterest and soon i'm hit with reality when Feb creeps up and I've done almost nothing. I'd like to call that the curse of being a freelancer and not having a day job to wake up to. 

But enough of me whining about my procrastinate ways, because that; things that have changed and thing I want to change and I'm thinking beyond the weather and the texture of my hair, and more about social issues that affect us as individuals. As much as I hate making things political, a lot of things need to be said. There's a ruckus created in this country over the release of certain movies and women wearing dresses and owning cell phones or eating certain kinds of meat when instead we need to be outraged about other things that impact us. Things like how women are being attacked for their views and have had their characters questioned or even assassinated over a single tweet. We need to be outraged with the fact that most of the places we visit for meals or to buy our clothes don't have safety protocols and have never had fire drills or might not even own a working fire extinguisher that belongs to this century. We need to be outraged over the fact that there's not a single woman in the committee to decide the budget of the country and hence there's no representative to take into account feminine necessities. We also need to be outraged over the fact that the country wants to create a divide between us by issuing the working class citizens who work abroad as labourers an orange passport, which will ensure they're treated differently (not in a good way) when they're traveling. 
And there's a lot more issues that deserve outrage. Some of these issues might not affect you directly, but eventually it will come round to bite you in the ass. It's sad that we keep going backwards. My mum always warns me and urges me to not tweet such abrasive views, in fear of what could happen. It's really a shame that we pride ourselves as a democracy, yet we distinguish and curb the freedom of expression selectively. For instance, the people who order for heads and noses to be chopped are unharmed and walking free, while those who question the government are arrested. If you're not outraged by this, then we can't be friends. For real. 
So I've decided to be a lot more political with my view, whether it's here or on my social media or even on dating apps. It's been a great run keeping mum about stuff, but it's not really taken us anywhere has it? Feel like having a mini rant of your own? My Instagram DMs are always open and I'm always up for a discussion related to fashion, pictures and edits and now, politics. Hit me up.

As for those of you who didn't like what I have to say, please get distracted by very unplanned patriotic pictures. The colour scheme wasn't planned, but I was a fan of this unworn dress that was in my closet for over 2 years maybe? I guess around the time when peplums were all the rage. Anyway, I finally dug it out and gave it a twirl or two. I think the colour was strong enough to go accessory-less and was a statement by itself. All it needed was some kick ass shoes. 

Dress: Ni hao | Studded clutch: Vero Moda | Cat tapestry litas: Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. Nice blog...))))

  2. You look so comfortable in you own way. Love the colour of your dress and shoes Get more trendy