Mix it up


One of the things I'm obsessed with is comfort sized uppers; like over-sized tees or tunics and this comes from a place of wanting to be trendy and a mild insecurity. I've always had broad shoulders and I was always encouraged to put them out on display when I was much tinier (and skinnier.) But thanks to a few medical hindrances, french fries/chips and Netflix, I am the way I am right now. I went from an inverted triangle to more of an hourglass shape complete with ass and boobs and also with a tiny hint of a food baby. My body still looks a little balanced but I always tend to look a lot bigger than I usually am because of my choice to wear clothes that are at least 2-3 sizes bigger, because I crave for comfort and relaxed fits. But one thing I make sure is while I pick a relaxed fitted upper, I'll make sure I'm wearing a fitter lower, whether it's skinny jeans or a fitted skirt to add more balance and a cute silhouette to my overall outfit.



Everybody wants change, but not everyone's ready for it. I feel like I spent the better two thirds of January, ideating for new shoot concepts, creating an itinerary for a trip that's over 4 months away, corresponding with "potential" work opportunities and watching the first 11 seasons of Supernatural. Before I realised it, time has flown by and we're already in February. I always tell myself at the start of the year, that I'm going to be a lot more productive this year and dedicate more time to creating content, I'll stop binge watching Netflix (technically that's sort of ticked off, I just moved on to Amazon Prime) and I'll start working out (I have, yaaay!) All of Jan is spent dreaming and and planning on Pinterest and soon i'm hit with reality when Feb creeps up and I've done almost nothing. I'd like to call that the curse of being a freelancer and not having a day job to wake up to.