Find your happy place. For some that's a new crisp book, for others it's a plate of french fries or a gossip session with the girl gang and for a few it's a full body workout. While I more or less have similar "happy places" minus the workout bit, my ultimate happy place is a fantastic location. So I manage to hit that when I'm travelling or when I'm scrolling through Pinterest (looking at the wanderlust section) While the mountains and the sea make me crave for a vacation, what really gets me going is a splash of colour, whether it's turquoise waters or pink skies, an array of purple and pink flowers or a row of multicolored houses. So I'm always on the lookout for colourful destinations, as evident from my board here*.

Of course, while I'm looking out for these places, what excites me further is finding them in my own city! Like a moth attracted to a b right flame, my eyes get wide eyed when I see a colourful building or a shop that usually doesn't fit the norm of the usual colours used. Not to mention, these places make the perfect backdrop for a picture (or an entire post in this case) I have to give it to the team and minds behind the "Chal rang de" project who planned to pick up paintbrushes and give the darker parts of the city, a colourful makeover. While I was unavailable to physically be there during the painting stage at Asalpha, I found the time to drop by a couple of weeks after for a stroll and a quick shoot. I also gather, this place might fall into fame as well, and if you're reading this, and are planning your own visit, make sure you're respectful of the surroundings. These are people's homes after all, so if you need to click pictures, make sure you're not photographing them (without their consent) and not obstructing the narrow lanes. Also, if you are planning to shoot, wear comfy shoes till you reach up there since you'll be climbing up a bit to reach the place. What made the entire ordeal more exciting was the patch of purple walls. Since I'm an admirer of all things amethyst, lilac and violet, my first choice to shoot was the purple walls. Not to mention, ultra violet is the chosen colour of the year! But I couldn't ignore the neighbouring walls either! So I sneaked in a few greens, blues and pinks as well.
Moving on to my outfit, I'd been waiting patiently all year to take my lace up heels for a spin, and I finally got the chance to show them off, even if I had to carry them along in a paper bag and wear them in front of my purple wall, fact is, I was wearing them in a place that's not the store and not my home, so it counted! The next thing was the skirt that I picked from Souq during the black friday sale. Don't be deceived by the colour, the skirt is all grey, but it managed to pick the light that bounced off the walls and the skirt a tinge of lavender, not that I'm complaining. To complete my look, I added my over-sized lace blouse that I've worn probably a million times already. I stuck with my almost no jewelry look. I wore earrings but sadly there're not visible here, thanks to my greasy hair. 

* I'm planning a trip in a few months and I'm actually going to visit at least five cities from my Colourful destinations Pinterest board! Feel free to guess which ones!

Ribbed skirt: Lavish Alice via | Lace-up heels: Call it Spring | Lace blouse and clutch: Vero Moda

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