Slip and Roll


Its not my first time at the rodeo, when it comes down to wearing a slip dress. In fact, ever since the time I worked on a story with the Afternoon DC on a few ways to wear slip dresses, I've been on the lookout for one, since the last time I was actually wearing my satin night dress. Unfortunately, my search ended a long time age, since I didn't really find anything worthy enough apart from a few random cotton dresses, which I thought were not really slip dresses because they have to look like slips AKA be all satiny and so I eventually forgot about it. 
On my trip to Dubai, earlier this year, my aunt got me a dress from Coast, that was just gorgeous. I had it stashed in my suitcase for the longest time and I only had a good look at it recently (more than 4 months later.) I mean I've tried the dress before and also shown it to my mum and sister but it always found it's way back in my case. But this time, when I tried it again to convince Sheehan we needed to shoot this outfit, I was wearing the inner slip, the dress came along with and while picking shoes and accessories, I happened to glance into the mirror and realised that I was actually wearing the perfect slip dress! 

One thing most women don't anticipate when donning slip dresses, is the friction and static generated that can lead to unpleasant moments. So I made sure to throw something over to make sure those moments don't become actual memories on my blog. Maybe I cheated a little, but it's better that than having my dress slide halfway up as I exit my taxi! Since I'm in a festive headspace, I added a maroon sleeveless duster to add a festive element. Of course, I didn't stop there, I added one of the blingiest bags I own to make it already seem like Christmas. Also my XOXO bag is quite the homage to Gossip Girl as well! 

On this particular day, I was totally into my look. I felt amazing and my dress felt and looked like liquid gold when it caught the sunlight. So I'm now again on the lookout for cute satin slip dresses, because I've been hit by the slip dress fever all over again. There's only a few more ways to recycle and try this look again with different separates and accessories. If you're also a fan of slip dresses, make sure to check out my Pinterest board for some inspiration.

Images captured by Sheehan D'souza and Patrick Miranda

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