I still have images of beaches and cocktails from months ago, all on my phone, that haunt me every single time I look for something to Instagram. And I thought I might as well share this with all of you. One fine weekend, my family in Dubai decided to plan a staycation with a a couple of family friends. Then came the fun part. Wait did I say fun? I meant stressful. The number of resort getaways in the UAE is a little too much. And they're almost always on offers. So we scoured through Groupon to find great deals for a party of 10. Miramar al Aqah was the top favourite, and came with a ton of recommendations from other friends. It also boasts to be one of the best hotels in Fujairah, and so it was decided. I was anticipating the mini cross country drive. There's a certain kind of joy, covering 150 kms within 2 hours as compared to the same distance from Mumbai to Pune that takes over 3 hours on a regular day. 

After a couple of stops for gas, chips and sodas, we arrived at the resort with to a warm welcome and were checked in. It was mid noon and instead of going for lunch, my fam decided to picnic in one of the rooms with pre-made sandwiches that someone was smart enough to prepare from home, with a few breezers and alcohol. After that was done, my fam was still in relaxation mode, while I needed to explore. It was 4pm and around 50 degrees (and I'm not exaggerating.) They tried to talk me out of heading to the beach yet, but my mind was already set on getting there. So I got dressed and headed to the beach with my hat and sunglasses. After a dip in the sea I found a cool shaded place to chill at. The resort has quite a few water activities, but preferred shade-bathing. Armed with a cocktail from the restaurant Bahari Grill, which is right on the beach, I watched the sun go down.

As part of the package we booked, dinner was complimentary as was breakfast. Dinner was a buffet of a mixture of Middle Eastern food as well as some continental dishes which made for a pretty great spread in the main dining area, Al Majlis. After dinner, we walked around the property to explore further. They have a club, but when I was there, it was shut, not that any of my family members were in the mood for a club. I'm guessing it was probably because it was during Ramadan. But I was at least glad that they allowed and even served alcohol on the beach. 

Since we were far out and almost on the beach, there were less lights all around. So I decided to go to bed and wake up at 4am to try and capture the stars. Of course, I've never attempted that before, so I would have to fiddle around before I got something. However, when I woke up at around 4, I wasn't prepared for the moisture on my lens from my transition from my air conditioned room to my humid balcony. Time spent wiping my lens and figuring out a great spot was enough to run the juice of my camera. And of course I wasn't carrying my camera charger. So within 15 minutes, I was back in bed after a failed attempt.

I planned to wake up at 6am right to step out back into my balcony to capture a few self portraits and then head off back to the beach for a dip. My self portraits took around half and hour and I even managed to drop my phone and crack the screen. But that didn't dampen my mood (also my phone was under warranty.) After a swim that lasted over an hour, I got changed and caught up with my family for breakfast and by midday, we checked out and were on our way back to Dubai. 

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This post is not sponsored by neither hotel nor website and all views expressed are my own. 

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