All that Glitters


It's become tradition this time of the year for stores to roll out the red dresses with sequins a plenty because that's the most common and popular way to relate to Christmas. While that's been fun, I feel like I'm over it. Of course that doesn't mean that I won't be wearing a red dress before the year ends, I definitely will for a house party or when I visit family, but if I had to choose my look for the festival, I would go for something a little different and almost underrated. And of course my look will never be short of sequins or glitter. 

So I picked all the new glitter separates in my wardrobe (which is not advisable) and tried to make it work. Black is not usually a colour associated with Christmas, but the gold and white accents on my sweater were festive and were perfectly in sync with what I had in mind for my outfit. And the fact that it shimmered was a major yay! I picked the sweater up last month from H&M while it was on sale (it isn't anymore, but is still available in a few stores.) I was reluctant about getting it in the first place since it's quite obvious that it's been inspired by Gucci and even has a tiny bug on the bodice, but which I realize is not visible at all thanks to my hair. I shared an image of this sweater along with the blue version (which looks ever more Gucci and looks like something from Jared Leto's wardrobe) on my stories in a poll and asked if I should be picking discount Gucci and while a lot of you disagreed and said no, the majority (at least 68%) said yes. Of course by the time the results came in, Sheehan and I already picked both sweater because they were a steal and looked great. 
As for the culottes and shoes, I ordered them from during the Black Friday sale and got them both for a steal. Especially the shoes, they were probably a 90% off! When I ordered the culottes, I could not tell the material was shimmery and I didn't even bother checking. So when it arrived I was overjoyed and thought twice before pairing it with the glitter heels and sweater. But then I thought Christmas comes once a year and if there was a time to ever look like a walking tinsel, it was NOW and I should just go for it. My last finishing touch, apart from the neck piece was the sling with the cherries. I felt like I needed some red in there and my reddish lips would just not cut it and the cherries practically look like the berries from the holly and they worked with my outfit very well. So the sling made it, and honestly it was either this or the glitter sling from the last post, but there really is a thing as two much glitter so I refrained from taking it a step too far.

And there you have it, my fun little Christmas outfit. A different silhouette and a different colour with plenty of glitz and glamour. If you're a fan of culottes and need some inspiration, you can check out my Pinterest board for some fun ideas.

 Glitter Sweater H&M | Shimmer culottes: Koton | Glitter sling-back heels: Shelly London| Cherry bag: Dragon Mart Dubai

Images: Sheehan D'souza

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