Sweater Weather


One of the things I miss from my yesteryears was actual sweater weather. My mum would bundle up all our warm clothes and keep them away till November, and I would spend the next quarter of the year in cute and cosy sweaters. Thanks to our shady climate system and even shadier people, Mumbai barely experiences sweater weather anymore. Save for a few cool mornings.
Since I was feeling nostalgic, I decided to pay some homage to my school days. Back then, my uniform was an earthy brown and cream and it was compulsory to wear red sweaters at winter. Which felt amazing because it always looked like Christmas as we were a sea of different shades of red. As for now, I'm a major fan of neutral palettes. So it's more taupes, tans and olives, navy, camel and khaki, pale pinks and peaches that have won me over. Don't get me wrong, I still love my prints and bold colours, but every now and then, I'm in the mood for something more neutral. So my outfit is a mix of my past loves and current loves.

Since my skirt is a neutral khaki, it just about goes with anything. So I dug into my wardrobe and pulled out the cosiest and chunkiest sweater I own and put them together. Of course, that also meant that while shooting this outfit, I was practically melting and there was sweat that was literally dripping. But enough of the TMI, I think it's safe to assume that this look is not meant to be worn at sunlight in Mumbai, at least not yet. 

I added boots, because they're already a staple in my wardrobe. I mean it's really weird, because almost a decade ago, I used to roll my eyes and scoff at women who wore boots in the city, always while exclaiming "This is Bombay, not Delhi!" and would try to explain to whoever I was with, about how the weather is unsuitable for boots and how sweaty it could get and smelly feet and so on. I smile as I think of how close minded and judgemental I used to be. As we all know in fashion, today's faux pas is tomorrow's trend and vice versa. And silly me was then raining down on actual trendsetters but only jumped on the bandwagon a little too late. Sure their boots weren't as cool as what we have right now, but they dared to wear them and be different! As for me, I now have over 15 different pairs of boots and I'm always in the mood to extend that number.

Talking about accessories, I added my new snakeskin sling to the mix, which a high street version of the Stella McCartney faux python sling and it a lot better (for me) since I didn't have to break the bank for this beauty, also it is much bigger and much roomier, so my phone and power bank can slide in easily along with 2-3 lipsticks, my sunnies and still have space for more and it's better because I got it on sale for a fraction of even the high street price! Lastly I paired my favourite boots from H&M along with the socks from the Erdem collaboration, because no school uniform homage is complete without a pair of rolled up socks!

Sweater and skirt and sunglasses : Forever 21 | Boots and socks: H&M | Snakeskin sling: Aldo

Images captured by Sheehan D'souza

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