Flowers in the Desert


No trip to Dubai should ever be complete without a venture into the desert. And I say that as a frequent visitor. Every desert safari is a different experience. As long as you keep trying different companies and services, the dunes will be different, the views will be different, the camp will be different, the food will be different and the talent will be different as well. And I've said this before in my previous desert safari post. So this time, during my 3 month stay in Dubai, I was looking forward to another experience. Unfortunately, my family who lives there are completely over desert safaris, but lucky for me, I found a fun companion in a fellow blogger friend who was also visiting; Pallavi from That Delhi Girl.

So the two of us set out and luckily managed to get an entire car to ourselves. Usually smaller groups of people are merged with other smaller groups and I'm always slightly uncomfortable with that. The cons of being an extreme introvert for sure. But having a private car was a blessing in a way where we both didn't have to get judged and put under scrutiny by strangers who didn’t understand social media, because of our obsession with taking pictures for snapchat and instagram #LifeOfAFashionBlogger.

If you've been on a safari already, you'd already be aware of itinerary which is around 25-20 minutes of dune bashing and then a mini stop at a random location in the middle of the desert to allow everyone to take pictures. Since most cars go in groups, there's always a bunch of people all around and it's almost impossible to get photos without strangers in them. But out driver was pretty rebellious and he chose his own part and not only did we stop twice (in two different locations) for photos, he also offered to take my pictures. I humoured him and handed over my phone, because he obviously doesn't know my style and the kind of pictures I'm extremely anal about taking. So I was completely taken by surprise, when he conducted a full photoshoot on my phone for me! In fact, this post would have not been possible without him for sure. But of course, Pallavi also took a few more specific pictures of me, like the back shots and the "gazing into the sunset" ones. But the random and candid hair flying ones, were all taken by our driver.

As for what I wore, since I get major bohemian feels before any desert safari, I picked something similar to what I wore last time, but added a lot more prints and mixed two different kind of florals together. Last time the weather was a lot more tame, but this time, it was a constant battle to manage my hair and also hold down my dress before I managed to get a chance to flash the driver. Not to mention, the headgear we both got, was all over my face and while it was the perfect accessory for this specific trip, I had to constantly take it off as my hair kept getting caught up it in or it slipped low enough to cover my eyes.

Dress: Max | Chiffon cape, neckpiece and round sunnies: Forever 21 | Sandals: Westside | Headgear: Local

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  1. A very nice post on a visit to Dubai...once you come Dubai you must visit desert place....

  2. Love Love Love your headgear! You look exotic with it <3

  3. I absolutely loved the florals and the beautiful headgear too!

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