Indian Independence day themed drinks


What I've always found strange is the dry days India has when its time to celebrate. For me, a celebration always begins and ends with a toast and a drink in hand. So while alcohol stores and bars are shut on major national holidays, I've always rolled my eyes and had my drink at home instead. This year, as we complete 70 years of Independence, we came up with two themed drinks to commemorate the occasion.

a shot of freedom

This shot is reminiscent of a B-52 and even an Irish flag as it has the same style and colours. Of course our shot doesn't flame. Whats great about this shot is that is has a creamy taste from the Sheridan and a hint of strong mint and feels like it's full of caffeine that can keep you up for hours. Although, I doubt that would be the same after consuming multiple of these. 


  • Jose Cuervo tequila
  • Teardrop creme de menthe liqueur
  • Sheridan's coffee layered liqueur
  • Skittles and food colour

Step by step process

  • Infuse the orange skittles with the tequila.
  • infuse the green skittles with the mint liqueur. 
  • Carefully pour out only the white creamy section from the Sheridan bottle
  • Layer each colour carefully and slowly to prevent it from bleeding

Tricolour gola

I've grown up drinking golas on hot summer days and it made perfect sense to make a tricoloured slush for this day! Getting the colours right is a bit tricky and I used food colour to make them stronger, since the ice diluted most of my colour. The outcome of this drink doesnt last for too long and the colours start to bleed and merge immediately. Not to mention, the ice melts quick, but the taste was amazing and perfectly tropical.


  • Cointreau Triple Sec
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Kiwi crush
  • Mango crush
  • Orange flavoured Gatorade (optional)
  • Food colour
  • Loads of Ice and a blender

Step by step process

  • In one batch, blend the kiwi crush with the vodka and ice and add green food colour. 
  • In the second batch, blend the triple sec with ice.
  • The the last batch, blend the gatorde and mango crush with vodka and ice.
  • Layer the glass carefully with each layer

Happy Independence day and remember to drink responsibly.

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