Nothing's gonna change my world


I've had these images compiled into a draft and lying here for over month. With a severe case of writer's block, I couldn't find the right words to accompany this set of images. It sounds strange. "What's there to write about? Just look pretty in images and tell us where your jacket is from" says the imaginary voice in my head. But somehow, it just seems not enough. Fashion blogging has taken a toll and shifted drastically over the last two years. I've seen previously helpful bloggers go from "there's a secret sale every Saturday" to "this is the only makeup brand you need to use" when a week later they promote the rival brand. It's true what they say, money talks. This wasn't supposed to be another rant. But it really baffles me. What to people want to read about? Do you only care about which brands spend more money on marketing so that everyone promotes them or do you want real honest opinions? I've always been opinionated and very vocal about my choices. The things I wear are highly influenced by my state of mind or in simpler words, what I'm currently listening to. And that's why most of my posts are named after song titles or recurring lyrics that speak to me. And this is why I'll always continue to disclose promoted and sponsored content, as I have in the past with complete transparency. I have to say, I truly miss the good old days where I would spend hours researching and trying out a trend for myself and then presenting it my my blog instead of having a PR agency have it delivered into my inbox on an almost daily basis. And I can tell a lot of my peers miss the same. 

Now on to what I'm wearing. This outfit wasn't even supposed to make it into the blog, and I just intended to take a couple of images for Instagram *eyeroll* but I was really in love with the way it looked. This entire outfit was a look I sourced and put together for a fashion show and was the perfect mix of athleisure and a hint of girly glam and was in my fourth favourite colour, a dull shade of champagne pink. Of course, when the model wore my look, I was thrilled, it was just too cute and I knew I had to get a few images of my own. Of course I didn't take into consideration what looked regular on the model was a little too out there for my own curvy body. But my hair always comes to to the rescue, and does the job any good scarf would. But you'll never see me wearing this look outside, since I travel by Ola and rickshaw and I have to be in charge on my own safety, sadly. Not to mention I was highly uncomfortable when we were taking these images itself. Sure I've worn lower and deep V necklines as well, but I wasn't looking forward to any of the neighbors walking in on our little shoot and later striking a conversation with my grandmother in the evening to ask her what her granddaughters were up to in the middle of the afternoon and why was one of their boobs close to hanging out.

At the moment, I'm chilling in Dubai (it's been a full month already) while catching up with Netfix and a few trips to the mall every now and then. I intended to take long long break from blogging, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen any time soon. I'll be trying to make it a point to create content on a weekly basis at least. Oh well, that's all for now. Follow my almost daily updates on Instagram otherwise (head2heels)

Printed jacket - Splash | Cutout bralette - Forever 21 swimwear | Tulle skirt - Reliance Trends | Neckpiece & sunnies - Foever 21 accessories | Sneakers - c/o Vero Moda

Images by Sheehan D'souza, all clicked on Iphone and edited on VSCO.

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