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It's been a rough few months, full of ups and downs. I've been MIA from posting here, and it almost broke me because not being able to create my own content and work on posts is just too painful to bear! The reason I was unable to post is because I sold myself to a web series; where I was one of the costume stylists. I mean the idea of shooting in Goa is always amazing and I've done that before. It's always been an amazing scene and I've met nice people and had a nice time. But this was not like those times. This was probably the worst decision I've ever made!

There was a reason I quit the film industry a few years ago. I couldn't wake up, walk onto a film set and tell the female actor that she needs to lose weight (and believe me, this happened too often.) I couldn't be a part of the mild sexism, fat shaming and the shallowness in which the film industry wallowed in. It was just too much to handle. Apart from the fact that there's no diversity and representation, it was also my own mental health and personal being that was always in jeopardy during these film schedules. 
But this was Goa and I was too tempted. This wasn't a movie. It was a web series! That was something different. I was told the shoot would carry on in breaks till April. I was told a few days in January and then a few others in February and then some in March and April. That sounded okay. I was also thinking in terms of creating new content and adding places to eat/visit/stay in Goa while I was working on the project. Of course once I decided to be a part of this project and gave my word, I got to know this was going to be a 60 day schedule from mid January till the first week of April. I still tried to look on the brighter side and assumed I would be still doing some of my own work then.

Cut to a month later, where I was always almost close to tears because of work pressure and the fact that I had not a single moment to myself to even think of posting for my blog. Sure I had amazing content for Instagram, because it takes 10 seconds to frame and capture a moment. And maybe another 2 minutes to edit it and upload. But I was still stuck in a rut. If this wasn't already a big downer, there were even more hits in the form of some people on set; one of who I was doomed to spend the entire schedule with as roommates. I remember complaining to my mum about how dirty she was. My mum said "you met your match it seems" to which I said "I'm messy, she's filthy!" We're talking about plates from which lunch was eaten 3 days ago, but still left in a corner of the room filthy. I shudder even thinking of it. 
And talking about lunch, I was one of the few that had no complains with the catered food. But at the end of a 13-14 hour shift + a 2 hour commute, it was too much of an effort to walk out of my room and get food, so I lived on cup noodles and chips for a major part of the schedule. If I wasn't working, I was eating junk. And if I wasn't eating junk, I was catching up on precious sleep. Another thing that hit me was staying in Goa for months and not having the change to get into my bathing suit and submerge myself into a water body. Imagine that! And I carried at least three different swimwear options! 

But rant aside, there was some great moments too. Every time I wasn't wasting away while netflixing Black Mirror and eating cup noodles in my room, I was dragged to a nearby shack/restaurant by a friend for a nice meal. La Plage and Burger Factory slowly became my favourite haunts. I also got a chance to visit Thalassa twice! It was a select few who made the experience okay and slightly bearable and I'm grateful for having those people there who helped me hang on to my sanity and are the reason why I won't be seeking therapy. Yet. These were the people who took me around on their bikes (because I still can't ride and refuse to learn) and these were the people who surprised me at 12pm to bring in my birthday with a candles and a block of ice cream (because all the cake shops were shut) and the same people who bought me a bottle of Absolut as a birthday gift and the ones who would sneak off mid-shoot to bring me oriental food so that we could skip the set food and sneakily eat behind the vanity vans. And then there were the sunrises and sunsets and boy they were plenty. The saving grace of a dreaded night shift was waiting for the sun to come up, so that we could stop shooting and go back home and also so that I could also get a few pictures! 
But I think I've rambled on for a little too much so excuse me while I now celebrate being a free bird and here are a few recommendations and a few of my favourite images from the last three months.


  • Goa in April is a big mistake. Don't do it!
  • Visit Thalassa for the Greek food and great views. A personal favourite is the ribs and the beef gyros.
  • Map5 Resort Morjim is a nice place to stay at.
  • Keri Beach is a great place to chill at and watch a kickass sunset.
  • La Plage keeps getting better. The chicken liver pate with gingerbread and onion jam and tuna served rare with wasabi mashed potatoes is a personal favourite and my regular meal. 
  • Casa Colvale is also pretty amazing to stay at. I wasn't a fan of the rooms since it was nothing spectacular, but the lake-side views blew me away.
  • Burger Factory has the best burgers ever! The pulled pork sliders are to die for. Call before heading there. The joint was always shut (sometimes for a shoot, sometimes because it was a Tuesday)
  • The Wednesday market at Anjuna is not the same as it used to be. I'd say give it a skip. 
  • Sushi lovers have to visit Sakana at Vagator for the cutest little sushi joint.
  • There's a tiny shawarama joint outside Safira hotel (Morjim) that has the most amazing rolls and is open till 4am.
  • If you're travelling by air and have heavy luggage, try sending your bag by volvo. It's an overnight journey and will cost you anything between 200-500/- Just make sure you get a receipt and pick a reputable company. My 28+ kg bag travelled by volvo both ways. 

All the images in this post belong to H2H and were clicked from an iPhone.

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