What's fun about launching into a brand new year is starting all over. That's where all the resolutions come in. To lose weight and to eat healthier and whatever else. I've been down that road several times myself. And we all know that no one really keeps or follows through with their resolutions, some of them don't even make it till Feb! My resolutions for the last few years have always been fashion related. There was one year when I decided to stop wearing heels and wedges on a daily basis because lets face it, I'm no Victoria Beckham and a few ankle twists later, I was done. There was another year when I decided to omit black from my wardrobe. Not entirely, but more like start wearing other bright colours. And once I decided to kick my shopping habit and stop picking up new things will I worked. This was the toughest since the life of a stylist is blesssed/cursed with too many shopping and sourcing trips and it's really hard to resist temptation, especially when the sales are on. But I still pulled through.
This year, I decided to forgo all the drama and get back to my basics. I've never really been able to define my sense of style. Well apart from my high school emo-goth days. But now, when I get asked, it's always a big question mark. There are some days where I feel care free and channel a bohemian vibe. Out comes the crochet and the fringe and the maxi dresses and the Tame Impala playlist on my phone. On other days I feel vintage-y and prefer silhouettes from either the 50's and 60's. And on some rarer days, I feel very modern social influencer with sleeker silhouettes and less colour, à la Kardashian. 

So this year, I've decided to stop thinking about trying to define my style. I've always wanted to purge out a major part of my wardrobe and start all over, because I have too many different genres of clothing and I felt as a stylist and a blogger, I need to define it better. But I honestly can't. I can't wear the same type of clothing that I wear to events and blogger meet-ups/events to a work thing (imagine being on your feet for over 12 hours while styling and running after a bunch of models while you're in a cute dress and wedges. Yikes!) And I cannot be bothered to "dress up" when I'm heading to BKC or the mall, which is practically next door, to get a drink with some friends. Nor will I pack hordes of shoes in my bags when I'm traveling and set an specific look for each day, complete with different accessories for each outfit. I mean I completed a 45 day European getaway with just two pairs of shoes. There are days where I've learnt to drop the whole "blogger" title when I need to because it doesn't always work. Sure you've probably seen stylists Instagram "at work pictures" where they're dressed up as fancily as their models/actors but will they get on their knees or perch their asses on the floor to help do someone's shoe buckle? Probably not. But when you're used to this kind of work, and it gets even crazier during fashion shows, you can't even wear a dress. What about when you're working a 5pm to 5am film shoot? Or worse, a 6am to 6 pm shift in the hot sun.

My current situation has me in Goa (yay!) where I'm part of the costume team and working on a web series until April. So the next two months are going to have crazy work hours and I might not even have the time to create content for the blog. But I will be reachable or rather viewable on Snapchat and Instagram stories with a ton of behind the scenes action. 

Jersey tunic: Bershka | Ribbed cut out culottes: Zara | Cat bag: H&M | Cat booties: Jeffrey Campbell

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  1. loved your look. like your bag also.

  2. Nice look. I liked your heels and this bag is so cute.

  3. I am in love with the photographs clicked in your blog. Looking good in reality and in pictures both is a very difficult task. Aren't we all tired of the random pout faced selfies that people put up, calling themselves "fashionistas"? There's a movement going on against these pout lovers called #KeepItPersonal. You should check it out. I'm sure you would have come across many such people.

  4. Hey, I have really liked reading your posts, keep it up :) Happy Blogging..

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  6. Wow your work is just getting better and better! Do you need an assistant? I would love to learn from you!!

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