KATCH me if you can!


The lead up to this post has been one of the most exciting ones. I mean how do you test/review a speaker? You use it!! While I prefer my earphones as I like shutting out the world, I save those for my commute. The Dali KATCH couldn't have come to me at a better time. November has been the busiest month of 2016. From EDC to a destination Goan wedding, a week long vacation and a fashion show in Delhi, everything has been a little too crazily paced and hectic. And it was obviously the best time to test my new gadget. Read along and see where I took my KATCH and why it's the best speaker ever.
First I'll talk about the design. I was awestruck when I held the KATCH in my hands. Sure I'd seen the images of the speaker, but holding that pill shaped "Dark Shadow" (blue) speaker was exciting as hell. I was also impressed with the packaging. The designers at the Danish label have hit the jackpot when it comes to maintaining an amazingly great device with a sophisticated and unique look. The intricate filigree design blew me away and I couldn't wait to try it out. And try it out I did. For the next 40 minutes or so. I played all my favourite songs and tested the speaker while members of my family called dibs on the speaker.

The speaker is loud enough to fill up a regular size room and make you raise your voice to converse. I'm pretty sure its the loudest Bluetooth speaker ever. On first glance, I honestly didn't think the speaker would be as loud as it was. I judged it from it's look. It looked like a fancy piece that would be mellow, but I wasn't prepared to have my ears shattered (almost) but the minute the opening riff of "Up in the air" played, I was almost jumping with joy! What's great about the sound is that it sounds great will all music genres. Rock, jazz, dubstep and even a bit of Kanye West. Everything sounded great and it was easy to adjust the bass and treble with a push of a couple of buttons. 

Connecting the speaker to your device is easy. Apart from Bluetooth 4.0 that includes the latest apt-X codec and NFC pairing, the KATCH also has a 3.5mm mini-jack input as well as a USB charge output that doubles up as a drive for a chromecast audio dongle. What's amazing is that the speaker also has a "stereo pairing" feature where you can pair two KATCH speakers for a surround sound (as if 1 wasn't enough already!)

So where did I take my speaker? Our first stop was a destination wedding, where it saved dance practice for the Sangeet! Of course it died during practice but that was my fault because I never had it charged from the minute I unboxed it. I mean its battery lasted for over 3-4 hours of play spread over a duration of 2 weeks (not counting the hours and days it lay in the box before I opened it!) Everyone was impressed by the KATCH at practice I slithered into protective mode as they started to get curious and want to hold the speaker. I was relieved to see it run out of battery and cradled it in my arms as I ran up to stash it back into my room. After the wedding, it was vacation time and Sheehan and I lazed around in Goa. So we had a lot of mellow music and cocktails along with walks on the beaches kind of days.

Fast forward to December or "party month" where the KATCH was literally the life of my house parties. We didn't even bother plugging in our usual amp as the speaker was a lot more handy and could cover the entire room and worked perfectly with  smaller group of guests. Apart from parties, or late night drinks at home, there were the experimental photography sessions where our recently married friends were Sheehan's muses and we tried to capture them surrounded by fairy lights in our room. And there was the partly successful light painting session on the roof of the building under construction at 1 am as well as late night walks to look at the lights in the lanes surrounding our houses. The KATCH was always with us, since its always nicer to work and create ccontent when there's music to set the mood. 

After more than 2 months of almost daily us, I still get excited to turn on the speaker. The KATCH is unlike any portable speaker I've owned and I've certainly owned a few. None could compare to the sleek design nor the high quality sound. Even though the speaker is a handful and quite big compared to those that fit in your hand, it's easy to carry along as it weighs just around 1.1 kg. 

It's real funny how the things that were the highlights of my year all went together and worked unanimously; my new 7 plus, Apple music (finally) and the Dali KATCH!

Images : Sheehan D'souza

This post is in collaboration with Dali Speakers and all the views expressed are my own.
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