It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails...


No holiday season is complete without a round of drinks! Christmas usually is always about house parties (for me) and at most times I'll be having wine or champagne with my family or rum or jack with my friends. However cocktails are for special occasions, for when we have guests, and we usually always do after the midnight mass and also for Christmas lunch the next day. So cocktails seem apt. and on some rare occasions, a shot works best. After last time's rum concoction, we decided to do something different and use cream in both a cocktail and a shot and make it as festive as possible. My aunt had picked up mini candy cane from Dubai and I already had a jar of multi-coloured sprinkles, so we pulled out a few red, green and white sprinkles and used them to garnish our drinks.

All that Glitters


It's become tradition this time of the year for stores to roll out the red dresses with sequins a plenty because that's the most common and popular way to relate to Christmas. While that's been fun, I feel like I'm over it. Of course that doesn't mean that I won't be wearing a red dress before the year ends, I definitely will for a house party or when I visit family, but if I had to choose my look for the festival, I would go for something a little different and almost underrated. And of course my look will never be short of sequins or glitter. 

Slip and Roll


Its not my first time at the rodeo, when it comes down to wearing a slip dress. In fact, ever since the time I worked on a story with the Afternoon DC on a few ways to wear slip dresses, I've been on the lookout for one, since the last time I was actually wearing my satin night dress. Unfortunately, my search ended a long time age, since I didn't really find anything worthy enough apart from a few random cotton dresses, which I thought were not really slip dresses because they have to look like slips AKA be all satiny and so I eventually forgot about it. 
On my trip to Dubai, earlier this year, my aunt got me a dress from Coast, that was just gorgeous. I had it stashed in my suitcase for the longest time and I only had a good look at it recently (more than 4 months later.) I mean I've tried the dress before and also shown it to my mum and sister but it always found it's way back in my case. But this time, when I tried it again to convince Sheehan we needed to shoot this outfit, I was wearing the inner slip, the dress came along with and while picking shoes and accessories, I happened to glance into the mirror and realised that I was actually wearing the perfect slip dress! 



I still have images of beaches and cocktails from months ago, all on my phone, that haunt me every single time I look for something to Instagram. And I thought I might as well share this with all of you. One fine weekend, my family in Dubai decided to plan a staycation with a a couple of family friends. Then came the fun part. Wait did I say fun? I meant stressful. The number of resort getaways in the UAE is a little too much. And they're almost always on offers. So we scoured through Groupon to find great deals for a party of 10. Miramar al Aqah was the top favourite, and came with a ton of recommendations from other friends. It also boasts to be one of the best hotels in Fujairah, and so it was decided. I was anticipating the mini cross country drive. There's a certain kind of joy, covering 150 kms within 2 hours as compared to the same distance from Mumbai to Pune that takes over 3 hours on a regular day. 

Sweater Weather


One of the things I miss from my yesteryears was actual sweater weather. My mum would bundle up all our warm clothes and keep them away till November, and I would spend the next quarter of the year in cute and cosy sweaters. Thanks to our shady climate system and even shadier people, Mumbai barely experiences sweater weather anymore. Save for a few cool mornings.
Since I was feeling nostalgic, I decided to pay some homage to my school days. Back then, my uniform was an earthy brown and cream and it was compulsory to wear red sweaters at winter. Which felt amazing because it always looked like Christmas as we were a sea of different shades of red. As for now, I'm a major fan of neutral palettes. So it's more taupes, tans and olives, navy, camel and khaki, pale pinks and peaches that have won me over. Don't get me wrong, I still love my prints and bold colours, but every now and then, I'm in the mood for something more neutral. So my outfit is a mix of my past loves and current loves.

Dragon-Chai cocktail


It's a pity we don't get to experience fall, especially in the age of media where everything is about  pumpkin spiced lattes, sweater weather, caramel apples and the sound of leaves crunching. It's a huge case of FOMO for me. I've only lived through one fall, back when I was studying in Milan and I was one of those boots over tights kind of girls who sipped on hot chocolate with extra white cream and wore a cute little beanie. To say I miss those days will be a complete understatement.  
So as some sort of a concession, we decided to make a "fall" cocktail that is a lot more relevant for Mumbai city. So we used tea, because we're all mostly chai drinkers here, and I wanted to add a fruit, but not let it overpower my cocktail, so I picked the fruit with the least amount of flavour. I also had a stock of flavoured tea that I picked from Munnar and had to decide over Orange and other 2 other flavours, but finally settled for strawberry. As for the alcohol, I had a choice between rum and whisky, but I prefer the latter with my tea. 

The Black capes are coming


Every now and then, a new personal obsession springs up, sartorially, and I find myself only looking to fulfill my obsession and become a hoarder. So for the past few months, I've had to walk past most stores with my view shrouded, lest I buy more capes and duster coats, floral ones in particular. I can't explain when exactly this began. It just started with two and now there's a ton of them in my wardrobe. What's so aesthetically pleasing about a cape is the kind of finesse it adds to an otherwise mostly mediocre outfit. It's the perfect piece to spruce up a plain old jeans and tee combination or even add character to a pretty but simple dress. Also, as a superhero fanatic, there's something very empowering in strutting around while having the cape flutter around behind me. 

Flowers in the Desert


No trip to Dubai should ever be complete without a venture into the desert. And I say that as a frequent visitor. Every desert safari is a different experience. As long as you keep trying different companies and services, the dunes will be different, the views will be different, the camp will be different, the food will be different and the talent will be different as well. And I've said this before in my previous desert safari post. So this time, during my 3 month stay in Dubai, I was looking forward to another experience. Unfortunately, my family who lives there are completely over desert safaris, but lucky for me, I found a fun companion in a fellow blogger friend who was also visiting; Pallavi from That Delhi Girl.

Treasured Trinkets | A Caratlane Collaboration


It's no secret. Your impeccably styled outfit will always need a couple of accessories to look fully complete because a cute necklace and a gorgeous pair of danglers can transform your good outfit into a terrific one. Some women pick their jewelry once their outfit is complete, while some pick their outfit based on their jewelry for the day, and that's exactly what for this collaboration with Caratlane. In the past, I zoomed past multiple phases; from an avid jewelry hoarder and collector (I used to match my earrings to my rings and my bracelets even when I was going for my tuition) to a statement junkie for the last few years which I've documented a lot here on the blog to a current minimalist where I barely wear anything around my neck or in my ears. For me, on a personal level, I think one piece of jewelry is fantastic and two pieces are still fine when it comes to venturing out of the house. Three pieces might just be a fail. That's why it's important to make sure your one or two pieces really hit that mark. I still find myself attracted to statement jewelry and love to sometimes add in the most minimal pieces every now and then. And that's what got me in love with Caratlane.

Indian Independence day themed drinks


What I've always found strange is the dry days India has when its time to celebrate. For me, a celebration always begins and ends with a toast and a drink in hand. So while alcohol stores and bars are shut on major national holidays, I've always rolled my eyes and had my drink at home instead. This year, as we complete 70 years of Independence, we came up with two themed drinks to commemorate the occasion.

Sea(s) the Day


The Dead Sea. The most ominous sounding thing you get to hear about as a child. The word "dead" was enough to give me nightmares., but being the encyclopaedia enthusiast that I was while growing with the absence of Google, I was curious about this creepy body of water with zero casualties. How do you just float? What about a rock? Does that float too? Mini me was that annoying little child who would not stop with the questions and was forever the annoying 4 year old who asked why the sky was blue and whose every single sentence began with a why. Since I grew up on a darker side and had love and appreciation for all things gory, adult me was ecstatic about this impending trip Dead Sea floatation test. And I just couldn't wait... 

Nothing's gonna change my world


I've had these images compiled into a draft and lying here for over month. With a severe case of writer's block, I couldn't find the right words to accompany this set of images. It sounds strange. "What's there to write about? Just look pretty in images and tell us where your jacket is from" says the imaginary voice in my head. But somehow, it just seems not enough. Fashion blogging has taken a toll and shifted drastically over the last two years. I've seen previously helpful bloggers go from "there's a secret sale every Saturday" to "this is the only makeup brand you need to use" when a week later they promote the rival brand. It's true what they say, money talks. This wasn't supposed to be another rant. But it really baffles me. What to people want to read about? Do you only care about which brands spend more money on marketing so that everyone promotes them or do you want real honest opinions? I've always been opinionated and very vocal about my choices. The things I wear are highly influenced by my state of mind or in simpler words, what I'm currently listening to. And that's why most of my posts are named after song titles or recurring lyrics that speak to me. And this is why I'll always continue to disclose promoted and sponsored content, as I have in the past with complete transparency. I have to say, I truly miss the good old days where I would spend hours researching and trying out a trend for myself and then presenting it my my blog instead of having a PR agency have it delivered into my inbox on an almost daily basis. And I can tell a lot of my peers miss the same. 

Free Bird | Goa Photo Diary


It's been a rough few months, full of ups and downs. I've been MIA from posting here, and it almost broke me because not being able to create my own content and work on posts is just too painful to bear! The reason I was unable to post is because I sold myself to a web series; where I was one of the costume stylists. I mean the idea of shooting in Goa is always amazing and I've done that before. It's always been an amazing scene and I've met nice people and had a nice time. But this was not like those times. This was probably the worst decision I've ever made!



What's fun about launching into a brand new year is starting all over. That's where all the resolutions come in. To lose weight and to eat healthier and whatever else. I've been down that road several times myself. And we all know that no one really keeps or follows through with their resolutions, some of them don't even make it till Feb! My resolutions for the last few years have always been fashion related. There was one year when I decided to stop wearing heels and wedges on a daily basis because lets face it, I'm no Victoria Beckham and a few ankle twists later, I was done. There was another year when I decided to omit black from my wardrobe. Not entirely, but more like start wearing other bright colours. And once I decided to kick my shopping habit and stop picking up new things will I worked. This was the toughest since the life of a stylist is blesssed/cursed with too many shopping and sourcing trips and it's really hard to resist temptation, especially when the sales are on. But I still pulled through.

KATCH me if you can!


The lead up to this post has been one of the most exciting ones. I mean how do you test/review a speaker? You use it!! While I prefer my earphones as I like shutting out the world, I save those for my commute. The Dali KATCH couldn't have come to me at a better time. November has been the busiest month of 2016. From EDC to a destination Goan wedding, a week long vacation and a fashion show in Delhi, everything has been a little too crazily paced and hectic. And it was obviously the best time to test my new gadget. Read along and see where I took my KATCH and why it's the best speaker ever.