Christmas Cocktail DIY


Keeping up with the festivities, Sheehan and myself came up with the easiest cocktail that takes no real effort at all. Also it sums up Christmas at my place. From the time I was a child, Christmas has always been about goodies and sweets and presents (materialistically speaking.) I remember going door to door to wish my friends, neighbours and family and eagerly picking up my favourite Christmas sweet from the goodies tray. I can name (or describe) more than ten kinds of sweets, but my all time favourite would be the rich rum fruit cake. So my cocktail is based on the same.

Diving into Aqaba


It's been a while since my last Jordan update, so here's something from one of the coolest and most chilled out days we spent in the country. Our fourth day was spent in Aqaba. After previously getting wowed by the light show at Petra by night and after sleeping under the starry skies in Wadi Rum (more on that later!), we had a day of leisure planned in Aqaba which is the only coastal city and a port in Jordan. When I read the itinerary, I merely thought a cute little boat ride meant a chance for me to relax and unwind and sip on something chilled.