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We live in the age of Pinterest where our eyes are greeted with the most visually pleasing images of impeccable white walls with blue framed pictures of travel destinations or white walls with neon moldings or a bookshelf that's arranged with it's books in the colours of a rainbow and a loads of vintage furniture. it's easy to get inspired by pretty images from websites and blog posts, you may only see half of the picture. So what's the secret to a beautiful home? Some might say doing up your home to look like it belongs in a magazine, others might say buying top of the line furniture and decorative items. But I just think a home is beautiful when you put your heart into making it what it is. It doesn't have to be the fanciest items or the in-trend wallpaper of the season, it just has to be something that reflects yourself and makes you happy. That's where Beautiful Homes comes into the picture.

While Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, Beautiful Homes is by Indians and caters specifically to the Indian market and discusses trends that are rampant in the country while listing down practical decor tips and accessible design ideas that are easier to implement and won't always break the bank. With ideas that could show you the actual potential of what your home could look like as well as where there could be scope for improvement, Beautiful Homes has their editorial team scour through the country to find different sources and homes that can serve as inspiration to your own. From simple articles that discuss how to choose a sofa or how to choose art or even conceal ugly wiring to a detailed guide on how to keep dampness at bay during the monsoons, as well a piece on decor ideas for a rented home because your landlord won't always appreciate you drilling walls into their house, Beautiful Homes has the scoop as well as opinions, tips and personal favourites from the country's leading interior designers, celebrities and artists. 

I was highly inspired by their 3 ways to style a console table article and decided to do it my own way. While I don't have a console table at home, I have plenty of trunks (not vintage) all very recent and filled with things from my fashion student days, including sketches, garment samples and high fashion pattern books. Of course it's something I can easily part with and my family has made peace with it. Since I have 4 big trunks lying around all of which are used as side tables, I themed each of them differently.


As much as I love organised clutter, I also sometimes lean towards minimalist ideas. It's a rare occasion for me. I decided to add not more than three items on this trunk. The star pieces are definitely the silver ornate tray and the crystal vase with the tiny battery operated fairy lights but I love how the basket of dried flowers brings them together and adds an almost homely element to otherwise cold pieces. 

ethnic THEMEd

Ethnic is the most easiest theme to follow. Coloured lanterns, embroidered fabrics all are abundantly available in the country and don't always break the bank. All my lanterns are from Crawford market and the fabrics I keep using as runners are leftovers from old outfits and saree blouses that were never meant to be. As great as the colours look during the day, it gets better after sunset, especially when there's scope to add tealight candles in each lantern.


I think there are some areas of your house that need to represent you and literally shout out your name. While I think branding your name is a little too much, an initial will still do. I had an 'R' saved from an event I attended once. Since I'm a sucker for pink and purple flowers and it shows in my blog and most pictures, so why shouldn't it also reflect in my own little corner as well? I thought the white filigree lantern and yellow stout glass jar added more character, the lantern is pretty and the jar brings a nice colour pop and so they made the mix.


Displaying achievements has been a very common decor factor. Whether it's framed degrees or trophy filled glass cabinets or countries visited, it's always a great way to flaunt your stuff to your friends and guests. While I'm still a recent traveler, it's my dad who's the most traveled and has the most knickknacks from almost all around the world. We've been through tons of fridge magnets and have way too many shot glasses from different cities. A few of my favourite pieces made it to the trunk.

Beautiful Homes is a new hub of imaginative ideas for a budding interior designers, DIYers and for folks who appreciate the finer details in life. Visit to get inspired, to start planning and to create your own. This post is in collaboration with Beautiful Homes. 

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