Creating your own space | A Beautiful Homes collaboration


We live in the age of Pinterest where our eyes are greeted with the most visually pleasing images of impeccable white walls with blue framed pictures of travel destinations or white walls with neon moldings or a bookshelf that's arranged with it's books in the colours of a rainbow and a loads of vintage furniture. it's easy to get inspired by pretty images from websites and blog posts, you may only see half of the picture. So what's the secret to a beautiful home? Some might say doing up your home to look like it belongs in a magazine, others might say buying top of the line furniture and decorative items. But I just think a home is beautiful when you put your heart into making it what it is. It doesn't have to be the fanciest items or the in-trend wallpaper of the season, it just has to be something that reflects yourself and makes you happy. That's where Beautiful Homes comes into the picture.