For Mumbai, Forever | Jeffrey Campbell Lookbook


Boots! Boots! Boots! Boots! That was the voice that first sounded in my head or my "inner child" coming to life, when I first gazed eyes upon all the shoes that were to be featured in the upcoming (then) Jeffrey Campbell lookbook. And I couldn't even bring myself look away; or touch them. I may have sat stroking the furry boot while Sheehan got her hair and makeup done. It really sucks that Mumbai is not very cool-boot appropriate and more rain-boot friendly. Sure, I love my gumboots to death but it wouldn't kill to rock a pair of platform ankle/calf high boots ever now and then right? I'm no stranger to ankle boots; but these were a little more beyond them. A lot more. But I can think of a time and a place and even an outfit (or gazillion) to wear them with!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The entire Jeffrey Campbell union has my insomnia to thank for. We connected on Instagram at 3:30 am (IST) and even exchanged a string of emails and by the next morning Sheehan was on board as the model for their lookbook. It was very exciting for both of us. We exchanged locations and style ideas; back and forth. Once their team arrived in Mumbai that's when it got crazy. We had an entire day reserved for our recce and visited a number of places from Hill Road to Crawford and Mangaldas to shop for last minute accessories as well as to finalize locations. The JC team managed to throw in a small bit of shopping for spices and fruits as well and sampled Indian street food. Finally at dinner (at my place) after a day full of recce-ing and shopping, my mother who got very enthusiastic about sharing her textiles, got out her brocade cut pieces which inspired the JC girls to incorporate the same into the looks in a saree-esque drape over most of their looks.

The capturing of these 7 different looks were spread across two days. It was fun as we managed to shoot at the Dadar flower market (in the rain), and around Juhu Beach (also in the rain and the little street kids were obsessed with Sheehan's wig and tried to pull it as well!) and finally around Colaba Causeway. It did get a little hectic when we kept getting followed by hordes of curious bystanders. I mean we were just a team of six (including model and photographer) and the camera was not even a big digital one, but we did manage to attract attention. Sheehan was a little uneasy at first; we both have this hostile tactic of our own when it comes to unwarranted attention from men. But the crowd behaved, mostly. I still had my umbrella in my hand which was on the verge of getting brandished if anyone decided to get a little cheeky with either of us. 

But yeah, this is Mumbai, so we did get into a few yelling matches with some people. There was a guy tried to charge us a 500 entry fee for Dhobi Ghat; when I know it's a free entry. Even after we unanimously voted to axe what we had planned to shoot inside Dhobi Ghat and walked away, he followed us and tried to bargain. Finally after yelling into my face and asking me "how much I wanted to pay" I yelled back "not a single rupee" and we walked away faster until we found that taxi with the cool animal print interior. The best part (or the worst) was among our group, I was the one who could communicate in Hindi the most. So yeah... I was the spokesperson for everything. The same day, not even a couple of hours later; the man who said he owned the little Ferris wheel demanded extra money for a couple of pictures (we paid him an amount, but he wanted more) that were clicked there. It was an unreasonable demand which resulted into him shouting at our photographer, following the crew around and scaring almost everyone until our driver stepped in. He would not even let us drive away, until the local guys who knew him pulled him back and apologized on his behalf. The last screaming match was between myself and an auto guy who tried to charge us 60 bucks for a ride from Sofitel BKC to BKC Social which was literally a 4 minute ride away and tried to justify by saying it was a "shared rick" and we each owed him 20 bucks. Long story short I refused to budge and sat there for almost 10 minutes as almost half a dozen other autos stopped to see what was wrong. They obviously sided with us and made things better.

Apart from those incidents, everything else went smoothly. The JC team managed to get a small peek of the life of Mumbai; from the yelling and shouting to the driving and bribing to the shopping, food and nightlife in less than than 4 days.

But again, it was a crazy week with amazing people and amazing shoes. These shoes will be out shortly so stay tuned to their website to order your own. 

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  2. Loved your look. Great post.

  3. Extremely Unique. Thanks. I remember how this trendy umbrella which can set the tone for your personality.

  4. The photography is so unique and i love the dress