Ethnic Pairings


Alberta Ferretti Resort 2016

I had never really been into traditional Indian outfits at the start, which is somewhat of a pity. It's painfully obvious how gorgeous Indian textiles and designs can be. While growing up, my Indian wardrobe was a handful of pieces that were squashed into the back of my cupboard that only ever came out during Diwali and sometimes for Hindu weddings. I however became appreciative of ethnic wear while I was learning about fashion. Since my projects involved researching and actually making samples of different embroidery and printing techniques used in different states in India, I had scrapbook after scrapbook filled with pages torn out of fashion magazines that had editorials with the most extravagant Indian clothing in them. I was awed and there was no going back.

For Mumbai, Forever | Jeffrey Campbell Lookbook


Boots! Boots! Boots! Boots! That was the voice that first sounded in my head or my "inner child" coming to life, when I first gazed eyes upon all the shoes that were to be featured in the upcoming (then) Jeffrey Campbell lookbook. And I couldn't even bring myself look away; or touch them. I may have sat stroking the furry boot while Sheehan got her hair and makeup done. It really sucks that Mumbai is not very cool-boot appropriate and more rain-boot friendly. Sure, I love my gumboots to death but it wouldn't kill to rock a pair of platform ankle/calf high boots ever now and then right? I'm no stranger to ankle boots; but these were a little more beyond them. A lot more. But I can think of a time and a place and even an outfit (or gazillion) to wear them with!