Pacing through Petra


My excitement for my Jordanian getaway peeked when I entered Petra. Don't get me wrong, the first day in Amman was great. I enjoy Greek and Roman ruins and basic architecture, and Jerash had plenty to keep me occupied, still there's nothing like actually visiting an ancient city which is not only one of the new 7 wonders of the world, but also a city that's not fully discovered and is an archaeological destination as about more than 80% of the city is still to be uncovered. It doesn't get any exciting than that! The city after all is referred to as/a Lost City, since it was rediscovered just a few centuries ago. Of course the thought that one might stumble onto something and may actually unearth something new from the ancient civilization that once lived there, is somewhat thrilling, even though it's unlikely. Still, a girl can dream!



Well of course I had to do themed shots for my personal most awaited movie of the year! When it comes to superheros, my heart belongs with the DC universe and Batman triumphs everyone. Unless is comes to the bad guys, then I can't pick, because they all are my favourite! But I had to pick 5 for this post, so Sheehan and I took our pick. While we planned, executed and aimed for this post to go live just in time for the movie, due to a crashed hard drive, that wasn't possible. But here we are again. We picked picked the Joker, Harley, Deadshot, El Diablo and the Enchantress and carefully planned to add their essence and colours into each shot.