Champagne Supernova


We're quite a funny lot aren't we? When it's peak summer season, we crave for the rains and suddenly when we're hit with the monsoon, we cross our fingers for a non-rainy day. It's only natural to want what's currently not available. While I love how the temperature has sort of dropped and the weather is much bearable, I don't exactly welcome the idea of picking my outfits based on what might get sheer when wet, or which dress goes better with my old gumboots. It's almost a nuisance and more than half of my wardrobe seems redundant during the rains.

But then there are days, where the sun comes out and all the city gets is a mere drizzle of rain. I can swap my gumboots for actual booties and wear white without worrying if it's going to get see-through. There are days where I can actually wear my sunnies out of need and not just place them on my head as just another fashion accessory! Days when I can actually shoot an outfit after a long time, because I've been half busy (traveling/working) and half lazy. And days when my hair acts nice and not frizzy.

Those really are the days! About my outfit, since I was stoked to have some actual sun, I took my new sunnies for a spin, courtesy of Opium Eyewear. As you may already know, layering is my go to mantra for any outfit, so I paired my street found crop top with a high waist overlapping skirt and threw on a longer cardigan over it. Lastly, I made my boot swap and stepped out.
I'm currently living in a world of 90's rock (hence the title) and the text on my crop top really did justice to my state of mind. Not to mention, my new reflective sunnies gave me some serious Gallagher from the Wonderwall video flashbacks. Feeling a little nostalgic yourself? My playlist is open for a listen.  

 Tee: Hill Road | Striped skirt: Koovs | Cardigan: Joanna (Dubai) | Booties: Call it Spring | Sunnies: Opium | Wallet sling: Vero Moda | Fur charm: Mango | Neckpiece: Splash

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  1. Hey I love ur sense of style ......

  2. Your so beautiful and lovely pictures.....

  3. You're too cool! Amazing style! I'm really enjoying your blog :-)

  4. Gorgeous outfits! You are so beautiful!

  5. Lovely outfits.

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