Mango cooler cocktail recipe


Here's one of the quickest recipes with homemade ingredients. Since it's mango season, my kitchen has been overloaded with the fruit. They've come from all over; Ratnagiri, Goa, the local markets and even our door to door mango guy, and the aroma in the kitchen is always very strong. So strong that one evening when I was thinking of making a cocktail, the only fruit I could think of using was a mango. Now I'm not a huge fan of mangoes and you'll never catch me eating one, unless of course it's raw and backed with spices and vinegar. But this was too good of a drink to pass. Not to mention easy as well. It technically is a mango mojito, but with a spicy element as well (because that's how I prefer my mango). The contrasts of the sweet mango and a hint of spice make it perfect chilled drink during the hot "almost" done summer. 

Meandering through Munnar


One of the other amazing cities we visited on my family road trip, which won over a another amazing city (Idukki) was Munnar. When I was 16, we visited Sri Lanka and while driving through the tea plantations, my parents mentioned Munnar then and claimed we needed to visit. Well here we are, a full decade later, driving through tea plantations, stopping to look at flowers, searching for places that served alcohol legally, while trying to get used to the long winding roads.