Touring Jordan


Why Jordan? This was a question that befuddled me, pre-trip, especially when I was subjected to it almost twice a day, from different people after I announced I was going to Jordan. I never truly had an answer. I just shrugged and said "Just, you know?" The follow up question was "Is it safe?" to which I honestly had no reply. Is anywhere safe for that matter? Cut to: landing in Jordan and meeting/getting introduced a group of  bloggers, photographers and media experts, all sharing their past experiences while embarking on new experiences all while discovering Jordan. 

But why Jordan? Simply because there's something for everyone out there. Prefer an adventurous getaway? Then you have Petra, where you can hike and trek all you want. Prefer a little more sun and sand? Get to Aqaba and laze on the beach and even rent a boat. Want a complete unique experience altogether? Get to Wadi Rum and camp in the desert! Thinking of a way to relax and be pampered? The hot springs and the Dead Sea have you covered!
And getting back to the "is it safe" topic. Our tour guide explained how Jordan was practically the Switzerland of the Middle East, and on neutral ground. So it's completely safe for tourists and locals alike. It's not necessary to travel in groups nor are female tourists travelling ion their own discouraged.

Of course, you can do a bit of each, like we did. Get the best of everything. From their city life to the desert life, I've gotten a glimpse of all and it was amazing. And talking about the food. Don't get me started, because that was another level of amazing. There's literally no need to carry any food from home (if you were even thinking of it), in fact, you'll instead be filling your bags with spices, dried fruits, souvenirs and teas from Jordan, to wow your guests back at home. Or if you're me, you'll be getting the local wines and rum home. Either way, you know you have to pack light!

I'll be following up with a few detailed posts as well as some images of the places I visited, very shortly. Till then, my little teaser panoramas should work!

View from the Citadel in Amman

Ancient Roman pillars at Jerash

Petra by night

Walking through Petra during the day.

Cruising through the Gulf of Aqaba, towards the Red Sea

Jeep ride into Wadi Rum

Sunset at Wadi Rum, post a camel ride and a mini hike

First look at the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea

The trip to Jordan was in partnership with and sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board, Think Strawberries and Air Arabia

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