Deconstructing the Candy Cane cocktail at Asado


Some time ago while we were as Asado, shooting this post, Sheehan and I were also invited to sample the menu and try out a few cocktails. Since Asado has some pretty amazing concoctions, I was very eager to do so as this place was on my "visit-list" for a while and I had heard positive reviews and great feedback from my foodie friends. To my pleasant surprise, the folks there were cool enough to share the recipe of one of their cocktails, straight off their menu just for us. So we got to observe and get tips from their bartender, as he made the Candy Cane cocktail for us.

The Candy Cane cocktail is kind of fuss free. It contains candy floss and sugar cane, so it's a sweet drink, but the twist here is the added smoke for flavor, that gives it a slight pungent and a very well defined taste.            


  • Cotton candy
  • Sugar cane juice
  • Lime juice
  • Red Label whisky
  • Smoke gun 
  • Tobacco (we used Captain Black Royal pipe tobacco)
  • Borosil beakers (B100 and B500)

Step by step process

  • Mix a shot of Red Label along with some lime juice and ice in a glass and then pour the contents into the B100 beaker
  • Take a glass (your drink will be served in this) add an orange wedge and fill 60-70% of the glass with ice cubes.
  • Pour about 30ml sugar cane juice into the glass and then add a chunk of cotton candy on the top of the glass.
  • Prep smoke gun with tobacco and add smoke into the B500 beaker. 
  • Immediately add contents from the B100 beaker into B500 and allow them to mix, so that the flavour from the tobacco absorbs well.
  • Gently pour smokey B500 mixture into your glass, making sure the chunk of cotton candy gets dissolved.  

This drink is not at all tricky to make, you just need a few specific items like the smoke gun and beakers. You can still improvise if you don't have the beakers, but the smoke gun is very crucial and essential and is what gives this cocktail it's unique taste. Visit Asado to sample this unique cocktail.

Location: Asado, Manorama Chambers, Near Gaiety Galaxy Junction, Swami Vivekanand Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050. Tel: 022 6568 6666 

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  1. Thank You for this Recipe. I will try to make it.