Touring Jordan


Why Jordan? This was a question that befuddled me, pre-trip, especially when I was subjected to it almost twice a day, from different people after I announced I was going to Jordan. I never truly had an answer. I just shrugged and said "Just, you know?" The follow up question was "Is it safe?" to which I honestly had no reply. Is anywhere safe for that matter? Cut to: landing in Jordan and meeting/getting introduced a group of  bloggers, photographers and media experts, all sharing their past experiences while embarking on new experiences all while discovering Jordan. 

Deconstructing the Candy Cane cocktail at Asado


Some time ago while we were as Asado, shooting this post, Sheehan and I were also invited to sample the menu and try out a few cocktails. Since Asado has some pretty amazing concoctions, I was very eager to do so as this place was on my "visit-list" for a while and I had heard positive reviews and great feedback from my foodie friends. To my pleasant surprise, the folks there were cool enough to share the recipe of one of their cocktails, straight off their menu just for us. So we got to observe and get tips from their bartender, as he made the Candy Cane cocktail for us.

Ghost town Sundown | Travel Story


Some time last year (or way before, I can't really remember), Sheehan and I were looking at an online list of creepy places in the country and while most were eye rollers, one stood out among everything else. A tiny little ghost town towards the south eastern tip of the country that's known as Danushkodi. The google search for this place looked mighty fine and very interesting and we both exclaimed "we have to go there", like we do for every single other fancy looking place we see, be it in China or Brasil. Little did we know that this trip would happen very soon!