Bella Vida


A lot has happened in the past month. I grew a year older and finally completed 27 years and I'm kind of excited. I don't feel old at all! 27 has always been my "lucky" number whenever I've been asked to pick a number between 1 to 100, so I have a good feeling about this. Then of course I've slacked off and not posted anything. I'm kicking myself for that, but in my defense, the post that I wanted to share was all very meticulously planned out and was in my diary, which got misplaced for a while. So that might come up later or next month. Sheehan shifted back to Mumbai while Patrick moved the join the cruise line, so while I got one of my photographers back, I lost the other. Of course Patrick is going to be sailing in Hawaii and some other places and I'm just jealous. And finally I took a chance with shady online shopping. Shopping from Chinese clothing websites has been the talk of the town and everyone's been sharing their misfortunes and ill-fitted clothes. And here I picked two dresses from a very questionable sounding and looking website - DevilPlus, just to see what I would get. Since I'm such a handy DIYer, I was ready to modify my purchases to fit my liking (and size)

So my first choice with this lace dress (inspired/copied from Asos?) which in my opinion is really gorgeous, but Sheehan calls it a table cloth. Fashion is subjective, so I don't mind her critiquing my dress. This particular piece however came in a "one size fits most" size and this was a gamble of a pick. I generally fit well into a size medium. But I have broad shoulders and arms, so most clothes (without stretch) end up a little too snug on my upper chest. To my surprise, I fit well into this one. The lace is a little stretchy and didn't look as bad as I thought it would. I was content. The only con was that the lower part of the lining was a tiny little thing that barely covered my butt and looked too tacky to wear. So I had to pick up a white skirt slip from a local lingerie store for this dress. Still do-able. 

So if you're a risk taker like me and like surprises, I'd say go for it. Buy it. Maybe it might fit you. Or maybe you'll be gifting it to your niece for her coming birthday. My only ever online experience as such (where returns are almost impossible to make) was with SheIn, and I've always made sure I picked pieces that already had user's reviews and images, so that I would know if the product was similar to the images in design and colour and if the sizing ran small or large. Will I be making more purchases from such websites? Perhaps. 

Keep watch for the second dress (coming soon, I haven't shot it yet, FYI) as well as a cocktail post from Asado, which is this lovely little Spanish themed bar, we shot at. I was really excited to see signage for Gaudi's works and La Ramblas and it reminded me of my own time in Spain, in another white dress. As I write this, I'm packing up for a road trip with my family to the south and I'm going to be visiting a few lovely places, so I'm going to be oversharing on social media, as usual. Join me on Instagram and Snapchat (head2heels) to keep up. 

 Off shoulder lace dress: Devil Plus | Sling: Mango | Sunnies : Barcelona | Neckpiece: Hill Road: Watch : Daniel Wellington | Sandals : Payless

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