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A couple of days ago, I was invited to experience and celebrate womanhood at Novotel Imagica Khopoli, a special package that's been curated to accommodate ladies for this Women's day. Admittedly, I'm more of an Airbnb "rent an apartment" kind of person, and the only time I stay in hotels is when I'm travelling for work. But everyone needs some deep relaxation period and a place where you can get room service and fresh towels at the hit of a button. 

So I, and a few other ladies arrived at the hotel at around mid day. We were welcomed with refreshing mocktails as we were checked in and were soon ushered off to our rooms. I had a poolside view for myself and while I was admiring and snapchatting the cute little towel elephant (Tubbby) on my bed, management sent up specially prepared chocolates, in the form of a lipstick and an eye shadow kit, that is fully edible. I was already in awe of the hotel by then. It took literally 25 minutes, to buy me off with chocolates!

Lunch was another elaborate affair. Our table was decorated with beautiful pink flowers and some strategically placed flowers (and birds) on a tree branch. Ours was the only decorated table in The Square, their flagship restaurant, and that definitely piqued the interest of the other guests there. As for the food, that deserves a completely different mention altogether, but I'll keep this one short and say it was absolutely divine. The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing around in our respective rooms, until it was time for high tea and the treasure hunt planned for us. While we quit the hunt midway, because cold cocktails at the pool beckoned to us, we managed to explore the hotel property as we searched for clues.  

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The rest of the evening went by with interesting conversations with the hotel staff, including the general manager, while we all shared anecdotes and even cocktail recipes. Until it was time for us to make our own cocktails. We were all given an array of fruits and had to pick a piece of paper that gave us the spirit we had to work with. With my terrible luck, I picked the one spirit I'm not very fond of, whiskey. But I managed to put together something that tasted really good, much to my surprise, because I've never made a whiskey based cocktail before, and I'll be sharing that recipe soon. While drinking our own DIY cocktails, we enjoyed a long karaoke session and a quick dinner, before we all retired to our rooms.

The next day, after a mini zumba session by the pool, we retreated to breakfast and were treated to the Irolic parade, which is basically a flashmob featuring all the Imagica characters break into dance, to pump up the crowd, especially those who were planning on hitting either of the amusement parks. A brilliant idea. And of course all the kids there were overjoyed not only to witness this, but to also get the opportunity to take pictures with the characters after. After all this fun and excitement, we hit both Imagica and Aquamagica. While it's not advisable to do both on the same day, we were given a choice. Perks of being bloggers I guess!  

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The woman's day package is an exciting overnight stay for two that includes welcome drinks, a relaxing time at the gym or the pool, a treasure hunt session as well as cocktail mixing, a buffet dinner as well as breakfast the next day while viewing the irolic parade at The Square. The hotel offers the package at as discounted rate of 8,000/- to include everything mentioned above. For more details, inquiries or to place a reservation, drop an email to or call 91 (2192) 301 888.

If you cannot make it this Women's day, Novotel Imagica is still worth the visit, any other time. With the adjacent parks as the current biggest attractions in the city (or near the city), what more could anyone need? The way I see it, you check in at the hotel and rush off to the park and then stay overnight and visit the next park the following day. Win-win situation.

Business meeting and corporate getaways cannot get any better either. Imagine sitting through a grilling business meeting with you boss, an hour before you let loose on the Nitro. That would be the best thing ever! I'm just waiting with bated breath to see which adventurous couple plans a destination wedding at the hotel and has a theme park wedding. 

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