Calm Palms


So there's this thing I always do. When there's a plan to go to a buffet restaurant, a place where I know I'll be pigging out and devouring till I can't devour any more, I always search for the most roomiest dress in my wardrobe. Or a blouse with the same qualities. This happens rarely. Think birthdays or anniversaries or random special occasions. I don't think there was anything particular here. It was more of almost all of us have a free day, and we should go eat some good food. 

So we hit Kaleidoscope at Atlantis the Palm. This was my second visit to the restaurant and I knew I had to prepare myself. So I picked the only dress that I was carrying, that fit into my "eat-cheat" dress requirement and threw on a matching fringed kimono wrap. Since I already felt so boho with those two, I borrowed my aunt's shoes. Just as I was leaving out place, I realized that my fringed bag was too much of an overkill and I was really over doing it, so I ended up changing the bag, and borrowed this one from my aunt's closet, again.   

The dress is admittedly a lot shorter than what I'm used to, and I would not really wear this in Mumbai as it is. But again, I was in Dubai and most importantly, on vacation, and that makes it okay. Really! On my last trip here, I was in love with this location and always knew I wanted to shoot something here. I thought I would plan this well, but as this so happens, it was a last minute plan and my outfit was planned in half an hour, if not less. 
Mid-lunch, I was restless about getting good images, because the sun was at it's peak and very harsh, so we made several trips out to test shoot, and managed to get a few shots here and there. Finally we lucked out and got a bit of time, where the sun decided to play peekaboo for a bit. I had to re-apply my nude lipstick at least thrice. So much for natural makeup! 

Dress: American Eagle | Kimono wrap: Max Fashion | Bag: Dune | Neckpiece/sunglasses: Hill Road | Shoes: Borrowed

Location: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
Images: Sheehan and Patrick 

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  1. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit.

    I have become a big fan of head2heels.

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