Walk on the Wild Side


Firstly, happy 2016 and a great start of the year to everyone! Last month (or I should be saying last year), a wedding celebration took me to Ratnagiri, and spelled out a fun road trip for all of us. I think the duration of the trip, both ways, was around 7-8 hours and of course the most important things during road trips is comfort. Especially if you get motion sickness (like me) or are a bit claustrophobic (like my mum). Both of us wear very relaxing clothes so that we're comfortable throughout. Now I'm no big road trip expert, but I've traveled by car from Mumbai to Bangalore and even Chennai (multiple times) and from Delhi to Ladakh. Okay fine, I am a bit of a road trip expert then! My usual outfit of choice are sweatpants/joggers or leggings with a t-shirt or a tunic along with a shawl or a hoodie. Unfortunately, I under packed for this trip, and ran short of a set of clothing and had to make do with whatever I had.

So on our way back home, after the wedding, I could not wear my joggers, as my mom had already taken over them and dumped them into the bag with dirty clothing. The only other option I had were these palazzo pants. Thankfully, they are the most comfiest pants ever since they are made of a stretchy cotton spandex material, so I could sit with my legs crossed very comfortably. The only thing that matches with my black fringed blouse, so I wore that, and mid way through, the animal print cardigan, since I felt cold with the air conditioning. While this wasn't planned as an outfit post (hence no make-up and I looked like I rolled out of bed, which is kind of true, since I was sleeping 10 minutes before this happened!), we did stop at this pretty cool stretch of tall trees and decided to take a walk on the wild side. So we took tons of pictures, and one thing led to another and now I have this post! 

So I've also decided, this year, I'm going to try and take a personal stand to start being a lot more real in terms of what I post as outfits and my personal style. It's one thing when it's a brand campaign/lookbook or styling thing, and I'll be sure to mention that. But at the end of the day, I'm still a real person with my own sense of style and I won't let anyone dictate the same. I don't walk out of my door wearing five inch heels when I'm meeting my friends (anymore) and I now stick to flats and sneakers. I've chosen the happiness of my feet and having my ankles intact over looking a few inches taller and risking falling on my ass with these terrible Mumbai roads, so it's not fair for me to play dress up and just post pretty pictures for the sake of doing it and asking my readers to do the same. As much as I enjoy fashion editorials and spreads, I'm no model and so you won't be seeing any of that here. You can come to see an awkward 26 year old fashion stylist act her age and be appropriate while sharing real experiences. 

 Fringe blouse, leopard cardigan and printed palazzos - H&M | Sunnies - Barcelona (thrifted) | Sneakers - Tati (Dubai)

Images by Sheehan D'souza and Ron Sharma

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  1. Nice top :)
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  2. Loving the print on print Roxanne. You look fab as always!

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