Floral Fluidity


I've always been a fan of the whole Pantone colour of the year concept. While I don't necessarily believe in going on a shopping spree and modifying my wardrobe to accommodate the latest colour, I still like to see who wore what and how. It's fascinating and funny how a certain colour would seem so "out" and then suddenly a year later its completely "in" and in vogue. So every December, since Blue iris, I've been always eager to get on board with the newest colour. Not to mention it's fun to learn a new term and relate it to a colour - mimosa, honeysuckle, marsala and radiant orchid, and I really do hope we can now stop abusing the word marsala and go back to saying maroon or burgundy instead!

So of course this time, I was stoked to find not one, but a combination of two colours to be the new colour of the year. Rose quartz and serenity are the colours chosen to bring about balance between a warm rose tone and cool tranquil blue to bring wellness, order and peace into our fashion lives. It's also here to challenge a few traditional perceptions about colour, since we're so used to associating pink tones with femininity and blues with masculinity, this hopes to bring about a more grounded approach and to dispel the whole idea of gender specific colours as both the colours live together harmoniously and gets on with gender equality and fluidity.  

The outfit in this post is what I wore for Christmas. After Pantone's announcement, I was busy with weddings and parties and neglected to put together an outfit for the Christmas mass. So I pulled out this unworn peachy pink dress from my wardrobe and paired it with the first cover up I could find, since the dress wasn't very church appropriate because of the bustier and the cut out back (which I forgot to capture). I then realized I was unintentionally dressed up in the new colour of the year when I was snapchatting my outfit before mass. While I hadn't planned on shooting this as an outfit, the revelation that I was actually on par with Pantone was too much to resist so I shot this outfit a few days after Christmas, with some great sunlight and we decided to play around with shadows and reflections a bit. I added my new burgundy bag to bid farewell to marsala and with crossed fingers, hope the next time I hear someone say it or write it, is if they're talking about the wine or the city. 

Dress: Tally Weijl (Milan) | Floral scarf: Ritu Seksaria | Fur charm bag: Mango | Neckpiece: Hill Road | Bracelets: Promod | Nude wedges: Call it Spring

Images: Patrick Miranda

This post was also featured in IFB's weekly links in a sea of black and white monochrome outfits.  

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  1. Adore the floral scarf, such a beautiful piece to the look!

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  3. Lovely pictures...And, I just loved your bag soooo much..Thanks for sharing..