Do you have a #ReadyFace?


Living my teenage years was never easy. I was part tomboy who always preferred to play sports, outdoors, instead of sitting in a classroom and I faced the brunt of the harsh sunlight. So I've had my fair share of bad skin days. You have to be a real special kind of girl to have a very happy carefree life during that period of your life. For most of us, at our earlier teenage years, that's when puberty fully kicks in. Apart from filling out our clothes and other physical developments, one of the most daunting experiences is very visible skin changes where the pores on a young woman's skin will produce more oil, which means hello acne and breakouts! The most common quick fix to a scenario like this is to stay hidden until it clears and then make a public appearance.  

But the real grown up solution during that time is to spend a little extra five minutes on your face (as told to me by my mum, TV ads and even my friend who had really good skin during that time). I'm really no one to preach, because being the rebel that I was, I chose not to. Having a skin care routine seemed like a mundane task to me and I braved those bad skin days and faced them. What's extremely lucky is, I genetically kind of have good skin already. So now, in my late twenties, I don't have to live with the bad decisions of not caring about my skin in my teenage years. But I've seen the same repercussions on others. A few acne scars that remain and will last always. It's honestly not worth playing Russian roulette when it comes to your face and making life long (visible) decisions!

So I decided to get together with Clean & Clear for their new Ready Face campaign to reach out to young women just like myself, because while some of you might have a routine, a lot of you still don't. It takes literally 3 whole minutes to wash your face, and starting from your teenage years, when your skin starts changing is the best way to go. Think of it as you being the mother and your skin as your baby. You have to raise your skin to behave and mold it well. Once you set a routine and follow through, your skin will not only get used to this routine, but will also comply and behave well. Soon you will have a Ready Face and the confidence to face a mirror, at any given moment in time, with or without makeup. 
What's good about Clean & Clear's foaming face wash is that it helps prevent pimples, blackheads and that terrible oily shine. Back in my time, selfies weren't really a thing, but now that they are, having an oily looking T-zone is probably the worst you could have, and no amounts of Instagram filters can get rid of those! Instead, an oil-free face wash is possibly the best you can give yourself. The foaming face wash manages to control oil for up to 8 hours and of course clears your skin over due time. For me, it works best when I use it in the morning, when I'm fresh faced and still sleep ridden. It also works as a great base and makes my face ready for my makeup. Since I only use a compact every now and then, the combination of the face wash with it works perfectly, and it's the easiest to touch up when I'm on the go. I'm also a lot confident to go make-up free, which I do, from time to time. 

To know more about the Ready Face campaign, visit their website right here and see all their products here

Images by Patrick Miranda.

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