3 ways to wear a cape blazer

I've never been much of a blazer person, instead I was more of a cardi kind of girl. I've found it easier to layer a cardigan over a dress or a jeans and tee combo and it always makes everything effortless and looks less forced. So when the whole blazer trend picked up a couple of years ago, I was probably the last person to get on board and while others sported their coloured blazers with contrasting prints on their rolled up sleeves, I was still shying away from it all. Not to mention, the weather in Mumbai has never been blazer-friendly. Not when you're taking the public transport or going street shopping. So it was a complete waste in my opinion. Although I did stock up on a couple of basic colours (white, black and blue) I rarely wore them. So when slit-sleeve blazer slowly crept it's way from runways and red carpets, I was suddenly intrigued. I knew I would finally be able to get on board and not die in the heat, since the cape blazer is almost equivalent to wearing a sleeveless jacket/blazer.

Floral Fluidity


I've always been a fan of the whole Pantone colour of the year concept. While I don't necessarily believe in going on a shopping spree and modifying my wardrobe to accommodate the latest colour, I still like to see who wore what and how. It's fascinating and funny how a certain colour would seem so "out" and then suddenly a year later its completely "in" and in vogue. So every December, since Blue iris, I've been always eager to get on board with the newest colour. Not to mention it's fun to learn a new term and relate it to a colour - mimosa, honeysuckle, marsala and radiant orchid, and I really do hope we can now stop abusing the word marsala and go back to saying maroon or burgundy instead!

Do you have a #ReadyFace?


Living my teenage years was never easy. I was part tomboy who always preferred to play sports, outdoors, instead of sitting in a classroom and I faced the brunt of the harsh sunlight. So I've had my fair share of bad skin days. You have to be a real special kind of girl to have a very happy carefree life during that period of your life. For most of us, at our earlier teenage years, that's when puberty fully kicks in. Apart from filling out our clothes and other physical developments, one of the most daunting experiences is very visible skin changes where the pores on a young woman's skin will produce more oil, which means hello acne and breakouts! The most common quick fix to a scenario like this is to stay hidden until it clears and then make a public appearance.  



I never thought I would be a tab kind of girl, because I have multiple laptops and a fully functioning smart phone. But it was only in the last year or so I realized the full potential and perks of using a tab. It's the best companion when you have to travel and can replace your laptop, if all you plan to do while travelling is check your social media, watch movies or procrastinate on YouTube and click images. It also works well for smaller presentations, so that you don't have to carry your laptop along everywhere. It's much easier to charge and almost everyone will have a charger (if you forget yours at home!). It works as an e-book reader from time to time and is easier to hold as a hand-held device. And for someone like me, it's great for blogging on the go, as well as attending to multiple emails. For the record, I'm an Apple girl, not doubt about it. I traded my Blackberry and Zune (yep, I had one of those) for an iPhone 5 and an iPod touch. Currently I use a Macbook as well as an iPad, so I have the entire family. My love for Apple purely exists on customer service and system design. I know there are a ton of non-Apple devices with better cameras that the latest iPhones but most Android devices don't carry the same apps that I pay for and use on my Apple devices.

Walk on the Wild Side


Firstly, happy 2016 and a great start of the year to everyone! Last month (or I should be saying last year), a wedding celebration took me to Ratnagiri, and spelled out a fun road trip for all of us. I think the duration of the trip, both ways, was around 7-8 hours and of course the most important things during road trips is comfort. Especially if you get motion sickness (like me) or are a bit claustrophobic (like my mum). Both of us wear very relaxing clothes so that we're comfortable throughout. Now I'm no big road trip expert, but I've traveled by car from Mumbai to Bangalore and even Chennai (multiple times) and from Delhi to Ladakh. Okay fine, I am a bit of a road trip expert then! My usual outfit of choice are sweatpants/joggers or leggings with a t-shirt or a tunic along with a shawl or a hoodie. Unfortunately, I under packed for this trip, and ran short of a set of clothing and had to make do with whatever I had.