Winter Fest with Globus


I've been in serious envy of those who get to don their boots and layer up during winter and I've been very vocal about it too. It's not fair that Mumbai gets a very blah temperature while a most major areas of the country actually experience a nicer winter! I've still try to incorporate a little bit of winter wear into my wardrobe, but it only goes as far as cardigans and on rare occasions a jacket or a sweatshirt. So when Globus and I got together to put a few looks together, I was very excited to plan a story with a few winter staples, while keeping in mind the festive aspect.
We decided to pay close attention to events and happenings during this season and draw up two options each, for parties or gatherings at the office, with the family, with friends or even for an outdoor getaway, using separates from Globus's latest collection. So be prepared to mix up stripes and culottes, granny cardigans with skirts with massive side slits and multiple ways to mix up and wear an LBD. A little bit of glitz paired with fuss-free pieces and cozy separates will make you a head turner and give you a free pass for turning up fashionably late.


Christmas is without a doubt a time for families to meet, whether you celebrate it or not. Either you would find yourself invited to a party or for a dinner along with your family or will be visiting a friend's family for the same. Your best bet is to dress up respectfully but still find a way to have fun!
The first look was a bit of an experimental situation. I put together a turtle neck under a striped tee for a suave look. Then instead of a skirt (which I would have done usually), I added a pair of culottes and then added a belt to make it look sleeker. 
The second look is a lot closer to home, and is something that most women can wear. I selected a pair of jeggings with a lace trim and a one shouldered sweater (worn over the same turtle neck) and made it a complete fuss free look. A beaded choker neckpiece along with a cute little matching bag made the perfect accompaniments. 


Of course since most people get a huge break during Christmas and New Year's, a getaway is the perfect way to get out of the city and have a mini vacation at the nearest hills station or resort. So bundling up for a little more extreme conditions is necessary. 
For the first look, I picked a simple sleeveless turtle neck and paired it with a high waisted printed skirt with side slits. The cardigan is a very cute and added a fantastic touch to an otherwise simple look. The border on the cardigan, compliments the geometric print on the skirt very well and added a folksy vibe. 
The next look has a chiffon button down blouse with houndstooth pants, tucked into boots. I added one of my favourite pieces, this pretty floral quilted bubble jacket which would work amazingly well when temperatures drop. It's the perfect outdoor outfit. 


One of my favourite things to do during this season is to visit friends and have our own house parties. There was a time a couple of New Year's ago, where a gathering of 4-5 of my friends suddenly escalated into a full fledged party of about 30 people or more. I was wearing my pyjamas for a major part of that evening! The key to house parties is comfort and ease.
My first house party favourite is a simple dress with a cardigan. So I picked this blue striped ankle length dress and paired it with a bright pink sweater. I prefer less accessories and so I only added a couple of neckpieces and wedge sneakers. 
For the other look, I decided to go with a popular favourite, that most young women like to sport - the crop top. Paired with jeggings and a blanket cape, the entire getup is perfect for lounging around in your friend's living room, over a pack of cards and drinks.


Office parties always pose serious dilemmas, as the need to be professional has to be upheld. It's always better to keep your wardrobe in check when rubbing shoulders with your co-workers and your boss. Dresses and necklines always need to be of a respectable length and need not be off-putting.
For one look, I picked this gorgeous red and navy printed dress that caught my eye in the store. I liked the print and everything about it screamed elegant and fun. Along with a matching blue cardigan and a gold metal belt, this turned out to be one of my favourite looks.
A simple LBD is a party favourite and since a midi length is always a safer choice, that's what I picked for my second look. The houndstooth monochrome cropped jacket is a Globus bestseller and I liked the way it framed the dress.  A bit of sparkle via the clutch and a gold neckpiece completed the look. 


Last but not the least, I picked two looks for those who like to hit the hottest clubs in town and break a leg on the dance floor. While some of us like a quieter celebration, a few others prefer a big night out with a group of friends.
A pretty jersey jacquard dress with stockings and boots are perfect especially if you want to hit the dance floor. The textured tweed jacket is a great coverup especially when it comes to traveling to the venue and looks chic too. The gloves and earmuffs, while optional, are pretty cute as well and work well in colder regions.
Lastly, I had to put another maxi in there somewhere. So I picked this bejewelled neck halter black dress that works well for a more formal party or even a costume party. I decided to keep two options, a boa feather for an old Hollywood glam look and my sequinned jacket, for a more modern edgy look, both of which look amazing and are full of glitz and glam. 

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Blanket cape (House party), glitter clutch (Office Soiree), sequinned jacket (Dance floor Fever) from Roxanne's wardrobe

Styled by Roxanne D'souza for Head 2 Heels
Photography & production by Globus.

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