The Best of 2015


It's the end of another year. Like always, here's a customary throwback to my most favourite/awesome moments. Of course, since this is my personal blog, all these moments are MY PERSONAL moments. So if you came here to look at pictures of Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus and their respective antics, then you'll be very disappointed. While I didn't form a big girl squad with famous people or get married (like most of the people around me) or even get a boyfriend for that matter, I still had a pretty productive year, in terms of work and leisure. This year, I really paid close attention to all those quotes I've been pinning for ages on Pinterest and got some real inspiration to make some of my dreams come true, most of which were related to travel itself. Out of the 12 months this year, I've been on vacation for at least 3 whole months for sure, if not more! I've seen some pretty places, old and new, and met some exciting people, famous and plain old regular. I could not have asked for a better year!

Here are some of my best moments from this year, along with the stories accompanying them, as published on my Instagram account, since I need something to filter them out, or else this post will never end! No work or brand collaborations here, well except for the hair, because I like to have a life that sometimes extends beyond work and paid collaborations.

I started with ombre tips, where my hair was a brilliant shade of pinkish-red for a while, which felt like a major throwback to my college days where I had always experimented with my locks and at once time even had the colours red and purple at the same time in my hair!

I also decided to vocally as well as pictorially, devote my life (social media et real) into sampling and devouring all sorts of fried potato concoctions.

One time, Patrick and I made a mini trek to the bottom of the sea-link to shoot this outfit. It wasn't a very pretty sight, because we had to dodge a lot of unspeakable filth, but were happy with the images. Since our mode of transport was a bike, I changed from pants into that skirt right under the bridge.

Took my first vacation of the year with mom. We hopped from South to North and finally picked a  secluded place away from tourists and noise.
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I decided to be a "beach bum" and spent my time in the water so I came back home with a nice tan. Also taught mom to take some nice fancy pictures!

Attending Lakme Fashion Week for the first time ever as a blogger, after quitting my full time job. Part took in the usual photo/video sessions.
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Got my 5th tattoo. I didn't have to look too far for inspiration this time. It was right in my living room, rolled up into a tiny little ball whilst on the couch!
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Had a lot of "me time" and fun times. Even during and after work shoots. I managed to strike a balance between the two, instead of being dull and boring!

Jetted off to Dubai to begin my major vacation of the year. Spent over a month here with Sheehan and Patrick, exploring, eating and shooting!

Found the perfect phone cover that was designed for me at the Victoria's Secret store! All thanks to Sheehan, who dragged me in and made me get it.

Became quite the accidental photographer, after managing to get an amazing picture like this from a speeding car on the highway from my cellphone!

Moved on to even prettier places, where I began with my second visit to Amsterdam. I spent the day walking all over the city with my Dutch family.
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Witnessed picture perfect weather and the bluest of skies and the most beautiful views right before my eyes. The weather also seemed to behave well.

Climbed various structures and hordes of steps to get amazing bird eye views of different cities. This is the view of Maastricht from their church tower.

Sampled some amazing Dutch food and realised that potato fries and chicken satay taste amazingly well with peanut sauce! Nothing else can compete!

Hit the beach again in Sitges - Spain, and succumbed to the European style of sun bathing with minimal clothing and managed to get a great glowy tan.

Was a guest at a beautiful Indian-Spanish wedding, where I practically was a stranger and knew no one, so I ended up making a ton of lovely new friends.
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And of course the wedding reception was at this amazing manor decked out with an infinity pool, overlooking the hills in Spain. Not only did I dance my ass off till 4 am, but I woke up early the next day to shoot a self-timed outfit post for the blog! This image was of course taken by one of my friends.

Visited the Sagrada Familia, since I'm such an Antonio Gaudi fan. Here, I was waiting my turn to enter the church with a generous helping of frozen yogurt.

Visited another dream place! Visited and sat through the entire Camp Nou experience, since I'm also a major football fan and a huge FC Barcelona fan girl.

Channeled my inner Flamenco self, shook a leg, and had fun, but at the same time had tough luck, lost my wallet with some cash and both my cards!

Moved on to one of my favourite cities, where I had an amazing time. I also managed to make a lovely new friend who took pretty images of me, for me.

And of course, I did the whole customary in front, around and about the Eiffel Tower kind of outfit post for the blog, along with Melanie (the new friend)

Spent the rest of my Parisienne days, wandering about, discovering and photographing pretty places, gardens, churches, buildings and other sights.

Jetted off to Pisa, where I decided to find my way to the Leaning Tower (without a map), got lost instead, but found myself on this pretty photogenic street.

Witnessed and lived to tell of an Italian train strike for the first time ever. A usual 2 hour journey (Florence-Pisa-Sarzana) took over 7 hours, thanks to cancelled trains. While I made friends with other stranded passengers, I reached Sarzana to check into this amazing little B&B with this view!
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I stayed for a few days in my kind of heaven - a village that is full of kitties! My landlady managed to lure me in by aptly referring to it as "Cat Village"

I took a bus, a train and a boat to one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen so far, and managed to cross Cinque Terre of my Pinterest bucket list!

I also developed an unhealthy diet, where I skipped a few meals and snacked on gelatos instead. Sometimes I matched them to my pretty surroundings.

And I also walked along the most picturesque beach ever, with the bluest of waters and cute little coloured umbrellas that belonged in holiday postcards.

I also hiked a lot, so that I could access even more breath taking views (if all the walking didn't manage to take my breath already). I also lost my cell phone! It took me half an hour to file a complaint with the cops and then get over the fact that my phone was gone. I just could not sulk in this place.

And then I took a train and set off to Genoa and spent a couple of days wandering and exploring the city. Birds began photobombing most of my pictures.

If Genoa during the day was lovely, Genoa at night was mind-blowing. Nightlife aside, I could have spent all night, staring out at the pier and the lights.

Finished the final leg of my amazing holiday in my former little city, Milan, which I visited after 5 whole years. Birds continued to photobomb my images.

Spent my last day, strutting around, visiting my favourite haunts, my old school and of course shopping at my favourite stores for myself and the family.

Witnessed the rarest of deeds. After losing my phone in Cinque Terre, I knew I would not be getting it back. Once back in Mumbai, I was checking for phones, and the day before I could book one, I was contacted by a woman on Facebook (from my Head2Heels page) who claimed she had my phone. Her husband found it while they were vacationing and now she was back home, in Florida. My phone had made it's way to the US! As luck would have had it, I knew someone who was visiting and I just had to wait patiently for a month and a half to get my phone back in my hands! Faith in humanity restored!

I found myself on my way back to Dubai, along with dad this time, to surprise mainly Sheehan as well as the rest of the family, and for other reasons...
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Of course the biggest reason was to catch one of my most favourite bands, the 30 Seconds to Mars live in concert, and make another dream come true!
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And then I met Jared Leto, spazzed out completely and failed to construct a proper sentence to communicate with him. His arm around my waist did it!
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I gave in to peer pressure and joined Snapchat (after the most exciting parts of my year was done!) and also started sharing cocktail recipes on the blog.

I re-arranged my shoes and got rid of a lot of old unwanted pairs (3 bags full). And yes, it is a big achievement, my mother has never been more proud!
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Visited another pretty place that I hardly knew existed so close to home in this gorgeous way, for a wedding celebration and fell in love (with the location)

Had a low-key Christmas with close friends and family members but went all out decorating my room with fairy lights and other Xmas paraphernalia.

Hope your 2015 went the way you wanted it to. If not, here's to a bigger, better and nicer 2016! xox.

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