The Best of 2015


It's the end of another year. Like always, here's a customary throwback to my most favourite/awesome moments. Of course, since this is my personal blog, all these moments are MY PERSONAL moments. So if you came here to look at pictures of Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus and their respective antics, then you'll be very disappointed. While I didn't form a big girl squad with famous people or get married (like most of the people around me) or even get a boyfriend for that matter, I still had a pretty productive year, in terms of work and leisure. This year, I really paid close attention to all those quotes I've been pinning for ages on Pinterest and got some real inspiration to make some of my dreams come true, most of which were related to travel itself. Out of the 12 months this year, I've been on vacation for at least 3 whole months for sure, if not more! I've seen some pretty places, old and new, and met some exciting people, famous and plain old regular. I could not have asked for a better year!

Winter Fest with Globus


I've been in serious envy of those who get to don their boots and layer up during winter and I've been very vocal about it too. It's not fair that Mumbai gets a very blah temperature while a most major areas of the country actually experience a nicer winter! I've still try to incorporate a little bit of winter wear into my wardrobe, but it only goes as far as cardigans and on rare occasions a jacket or a sweatshirt. So when Globus and I got together to put a few looks together, I was very excited to plan a story with a few winter staples, while keeping in mind the festive aspect.
We decided to pay close attention to events and happenings during this season and draw up two options each, for parties or gatherings at the office, with the family, with friends or even for an outdoor getaway, using separates from Globus's latest collection. So be prepared to mix up stripes and culottes, granny cardigans with skirts with massive side slits and multiple ways to mix up and wear an LBD. A little bit of glitz paired with fuss-free pieces and cozy separates will make you a head turner and give you a free pass for turning up fashionably late.

Festivities | Rhythm Winery fruit wines


One thing about Christmas is the assured visits from friends and neighbours and family members, all of the purpose of exchanging sweets and pleasantries. While sampling Christmas cookies can be penned down as the best activity during the holidays, for me, a glass of wine every now and then is a close second best. While some people don't exactly love to drink wine, since they don't understand it, they need something easier and fuss free for the same. And that's where fruit flavoured wines come in. Somehow  a person who is less likely to drink a white or a red will almost most certainly like to sample a fruit wine.
My history with fruit wines during Christmas started a long time ago when a few family members brought back an amazing peach wine cooler pack from New Zealand, and that was the drink served in my house for 2 weeks straight (it was 7 litres!) After that, I developed a taste and I needed my wine! So this Christmas I picked two of my favourite flavours from Rhythm Winery - Peach and Plum.