The Wella at Jean Claude Biguine experience


Last month, I was invited over by the nice people at Jean Claude Biguine to try out their new collaborative venture with Wella which resulted into a bit of a groundbreaking sort of technique that included a bunch of amazing hair services. Since I already coloured my hair earlier this year and still have my ombre tips, I decided to skip the colour and go for a different treatment. But also, from the time I was younger, I've always heard about Wella and used it previously when I've coloured my hair, so I still wanted to experience or in this case witness the colouring process, so I took along my younger cousin, Chrislyn for the same. Both of us set out that day without a single thought in our heads or any rigid ideas about what we wanted, and we were completely open to anyone's suggestion.


Chrissy has never coloured her hair before. I may have excited her too much when I invited her along to join me and tempted her to get it coloured. She's young and she's already started with college, and this is her time to experiment with her look and to try newer things. So she came excited and scared. Her only fright was "I hope I don't ruin my hair".

We had a small consultation and they decided to give her red sections on the under side of her hair, so that it would not be stark or in your face, but more subtle and chic. It was also show very well if she were to tie her hair up, which she does very often.  
The Illumina Colour by Wella Professionals is a newly launched game changer that is supposed to give a luminous shine and incredible hair. The great part about the colour was that there was no bleaching process involved. I was a bit shocked, because I've always had to bleach my hair, no matter what shade I chose to colour it and I really didn't know how it would work out, but I guess this was one of their ground breaking things. 
The results turned out really great and she was very happy. Her mom seemed very happy as well. She probably expected something atrocious, but it was all good. 


 When I was asked what I wanted, I started narrating how my hair was still recovering from it's earlier colour from January and immediately they decided I needed the Intense Alchemy treatment, which is like a relaxing treatment for the hair which includes steam and a head massage. So while she prepped the products for this, she also decided to throw in the Liquid Hair treatment as well.

Without getting too technical about Liquid Hair, the treatment is supposed to reconstruct hair and instantly refill the hair cuticles as well as strengthen damaged hair and provides the hair with more resilience and vitality. We applied the Liquid Hair solution to the lower half of my hair, focusing on my tips and the fading colour. The treatment lasts for around 5 washes.

A quick blow-dry later, my hair was good to go. It felt soft and amazing, and looked great too. My tips didn't feel as course as they did before, and the effect lasted for at least 2 weeks. As for the rest of my hair, it still feels great.

Location courtesy: Jean Claude Biguine at Pali Naka, Bandra 
Images: Ron Sharma

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