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As far as fashion advices go, there's wear the correct size and learn to identify your body shape and type, the latter, which most women tend to forget. If you've opened up a magazine and looked at style advice sections or seen inputs from stylists, you'll know already, that the main identifiable body shapes are apple, pear, column and hourglass. There are a few variations in each, and if you need help getting your shape identified, you can check simply with a body shape calculator.
Now, the reason it's so important to know your body shape is because unlike half a decade ago, where you had an opportunity to spend an entire day at the mall and try on as many clothes as you wanted, before you make your purchase, in today's day, you do that within the confines of your own living space or while on the go from your smart phone. So you have to have the basic knowledge about how a particular dress will look on you, before you actually wear it. A model will always wear a size S or XS, while you may have to buy whichever you fit into. Without the correct judgment, you may end up purchasing a dress that might make your hips look a lot bulkier than they actually are, or a tee that might frame your torso incorrectly so that it shows that you have a paunch (whether you do or not). While the pattern and design of your selected item plays an important role on it's fit, the fabric is equally important.

I've personally had a gala of a time with my body shapes (yep I've had a few). A lot of people tell you that body shapes remain consistent as you age, but I've had the privilege to waltz through three different body shapes during the last 7-8 years. I started off as a column where most of my body was slender and I had no visible curves. Magazines told me to flaunt my beautiful broad shoulder in halter necks and V-neck pieces and to wear ruffles and ruches to create curves. And so I did that. After my post-accident body (long story that includes almost 3 months of bed-rest) I transformed into an hourglass and I was adviced to wear everything that showed off my fabulous waist. So my wardrobe consisted of a more fitted variety with cinched in waists. Within a year or two, the french fries caught up with me, and currently I'm a pear shape with a generous lower half which I flaunt at times and sometimes when I'm in the mood, I camouflage with the help of skater dresses.

My confidence while shopping online is always sky high, thanks to the sound knowledge I can say that I possess due to deep study of fabrics which make me understand drapes and falls, so I just need to read the fabric constitution to understand how the dress might look on a much voluptuous person like me. Then I also know pattern making, so sometimes, I can even manage to point out a faulty piece, because not everything is perfect. If the dart is placed incorrectly or missing, I can already tell that the fit of the garment will be off. And all is this is just because I took years to study this. Not every single woman has this kind of insight while buying their own clothes. That's why, it really is essential that you know what works on you, so that you stick to it.
Luckily, before you end up scratching your pretty mane in panic and confusion, Myntra has come up with a wonderful solution that is quite a blessing and is very helpful. Myntra now has a Shop by Shape option, that will help you to select pieces that are perfect for you and your body type. The shopping app picks up a basic algorithm that combines the ratio of bust:waist:hips and filters out garments that fit in each body shape category, to ensure you have the best pieces tailored for all your needs. Doesn't that sound amazing? To have the experts pick exactly what could compliment you in the best way possible?

Of course, I also took the liberty to make a chart of my own, with the key pieces or basic wardrobe staples that are essential in every woman's wardrobe.

Starting with the most cherished and celebrated body-type, an hourglass shaped woman is easily identifiable because of a slim and narrow waist against a very balanced and proportionate upper and lower half. She is always advised to show off her curves. High waist styles and dresses that break at the natural waist work best. She's also told to wear well fitted clothing at almost all times. And if she decides to wear a loose dress, then a belt comes into the picture to add definition to the smallest part of her body. Belts by default as a staple here.

Then comes the more trickier body type, the apple, who has most of her weight concentrated on the central part of her body, towards the abdominal area. The main goals are to cover up or hide the tummy, so clothes that skim lightly or drape fluidly over the body help. Empire waists help usually, but have to be worn with caution, because with a larger torso, they could give a maternity vibe! Shift dresses also help conceal unruly bits. Also, most apple shaped women usually have skinny ankles and slimmer legs, so it's advisable for them to flaunt them with capri pants.

A pear shaped woman has a more generous bottom and a relatively smaller upper half. Her goal would to balance everything out and make herself look a lot more proportionate by focusing and drawing more attention to the upper half, in the form of statement shoulders, ruffles and other shoulder details. Blouses and shirts need to hit below hip level and skirts and dresses need to skim over the hips without adding any additional enhancement. Of course if she prefers to wear a bodycon piece, then she can got for statement shoulders to create an illusion of an hourglass figure.

Lastly a rectangular shaped woman is the kind of women we almost all are envious of. They are the opposite of the hourglass, and it's easier to dress up when you're not restricted to wearing a lot of different kinds of clothing. The main goal here is to create curves, so voluminous styles help tremendously. Ruching adds bulk, which is essential for this woman. She can also chose to wear tiered dresses with frills and ruffles, that add curves. To enhance her waist, peplums and tulip shaped bottoms or even pleated pants are a must. 

Need some help? Don't feel shy to hit me up anywhere on social media. I've been a stylist for years and styled models and non-models, so I might be able to help!

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