Black Magic


While Diwali has concluded and the lanterns are being put away, the paper and plastic stars are slowly taking it's place and we're already gearing up for Xmas and the coming New Year with a lot more decorations! And let's not forget the weddings that always seem to take place in between. I already have a few lined up, and it's pretty exciting. Of course with all these celebrations and parties comes the urge to invest in new clothing. As much as I love wearing colour, I find that a purple dress is a lot more memorable and I get tagged in too many pictures on Facebook from every party I go to (thanks to my parents) so repeating that purple dress so soon is not something I look forward to doing. That's why I always prefer buying more LBDs and other darker colours. They're a lot easier to repeat and style. 

This time, instead of going the regular way like I always do, I decided to up my game. So I had to get a dress that was a lot more fancier than what I usually wear. I've always loved sequins (who doesn't?) and I've been a crazy fan about the femininity that lace expresses, but I can't really recall ever blending them both together, and it seems like such a shame. Because when done correctly, the outcome can be fabulous!
So when Chi Chi London gave me the option to pick out a dress from their website, I wasted a lot of time browsing through all their pretty dresses, but the minute I laid my eyes on this gorgeous skater dress, I made up my mind pretty quick. And it was everything I expected it to be when I received it. Since it was pretty much a statement piece by itself, I kept it minimal and added just a watch a a few midi rings. And of course a blingy clutch that matched it all too well. Lastly I wore my new snakeskin pumps to add just a small hint of colour to my look. 

What I love is how the dress looks so amazing and manages to catch the light and shine so well. It's magically mesmerizing! I was too busy staring down at my dress and twirling while I watched light bounce off it in the most delightful way, and how it looked green in some places and blue in the other. I was pretty much transported back to my childhood where I fawned over the pretty little dresses my mum made me wear. 

Sequined dress: c/o Chi Chi London | Midi rings: Forever New | Clutch: Bata | Watch: Guess | Pumps: Le Silla

Images: Ron Sharma

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  1. Dress looks so stunning and you look so lovely in it! Just looking through your photos gives me festive feeling.


  2. My .. My.. Roxanne! That dress looks beautiful on you. Lovely for a dinner date


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  3. The dress i am liking very much. How well the rings are arranged and managed on fingers. They are going well with the attire. Simply WOW!!

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