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You may notice something a little different in this post. I'm a little too smiley, which is unlike me, since I get awkward and tense up for most pictures. But I would attribute the smiles to a very nice meal that left all of us pretty satiated. Asian food always tends to bring out the best in me. The other, is that one of my favourite bands - Good Charlotte - just reunited! Finally, the last one is the excitement of finding the perfect place or the right kind of setting to wear a trench coat without absolutely dying in the heat! 
I always tend to feel a little cold in some malls or offices and even the movie theater. And when I go to a few fancy places to dine, it's the same. So I figured, if I cannot wear a trench in the normal way like most people do for winters, at least here in Mumbai, I can carry mine along and put it on when faced with air conditioners that are on full blast. And guess what? It actually worked. 

So this camel asymmetrical trench from SheIn came in handy. I was confused between picking a navy one or this one, and I figured the camel colour is a lot more classic as compared to a navy or even a grey. Also, I already do have a ton of navy cover ups. It's also easier to pair up other pieces with a lighter coloured coat. And talking about light, the material of the coat was pretty light weight as well. It wasn't a woolen blend that most jackets and coats are made of, but had more of a polyester blend, which works decently in a warmer atmosphere. I mean I did end up going home wearing that jacket after lunch. So it seemed pretty fine to me. 
This is my third pick from SheIn, and I'm the happiest with this piece. It wasn't too short like the first, and it wasn't too tiny, size-wise, like the previous (which I have to give to Sheehan now). I think a coat was a better gamble. I picked the first two based on reviews posted and even though this coat had no reviews for me to go by when I made my selection, I still am glad that it fit well and is everything I expected it to be. If you're looking to purchase from the website, always go by user reviews to get an idea whether the garment runs on the smaller size or if it's true to size, since it differs with each piece. 

Trench: c/o SheIn | Blouse: Oxygene | Suede skirt: Halston Heritage | watch: c/o Daniel Wellington | Heels: Zara | Sunnies: Esprit | Neck piece: Hill Road

Images: Ron Sharma
Location: China House, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

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