The Wella at Jean Claude Biguine experience


Last month, I was invited over by the nice people at Jean Claude Biguine to try out their new collaborative venture with Wella which resulted into a bit of a groundbreaking sort of technique that included a bunch of amazing hair services. Since I already coloured my hair earlier this year and still have my ombre tips, I decided to skip the colour and go for a different treatment. But also, from the time I was younger, I've always heard about Wella and used it previously when I've coloured my hair, so I still wanted to experience or in this case witness the colouring process, so I took along my younger cousin, Chrislyn for the same. Both of us set out that day without a single thought in our heads or any rigid ideas about what we wanted, and we were completely open to anyone's suggestion.

Black Magic


While Diwali has concluded and the lanterns are being put away, the paper and plastic stars are slowly taking it's place and we're already gearing up for Xmas and the coming New Year with a lot more decorations! And let's not forget the weddings that always seem to take place in between. I already have a few lined up, and it's pretty exciting. Of course with all these celebrations and parties comes the urge to invest in new clothing. As much as I love wearing colour, I find that a purple dress is a lot more memorable and I get tagged in too many pictures on Facebook from every party I go to (thanks to my parents) so repeating that purple dress so soon is not something I look forward to doing. That's why I always prefer buying more LBDs and other darker colours. They're a lot easier to repeat and style. 

Shop by Shape : What to wear for your body type


As far as fashion advices go, there's wear the correct size and learn to identify your body shape and type, the latter, which most women tend to forget. If you've opened up a magazine and looked at style advice sections or seen inputs from stylists, you'll know already, that the main identifiable body shapes are apple, pear, column and hourglass. There are a few variations in each, and if you need help getting your shape identified, you can check simply with a body shape calculator.
Now, the reason it's so important to know your body shape is because unlike half a decade ago, where you had an opportunity to spend an entire day at the mall and try on as many clothes as you wanted, before you make your purchase, in today's day, you do that within the confines of your own living space or while on the go from your smart phone. So you have to have the basic knowledge about how a particular dress will look on you, before you actually wear it. A model will always wear a size S or XS, while you may have to buy whichever you fit into. Without the correct judgment, you may end up purchasing a dress that might make your hips look a lot bulkier than they actually are, or a tee that might frame your torso incorrectly so that it shows that you have a paunch (whether you do or not). While the pattern and design of your selected item plays an important role on it's fit, the fabric is equally important.

Homemade Guava Sangria (with a twist)


I've always been either a cocktail person or a complete wine drinker. And of course rum too! But my wine drinking however always put me in the spot.  It's strange how when someone always orders a glass of wine, they could be perceived as a pretentious elitist or a poser (and I did get that for a while!), but, if they were to substitute that glass of wine with a glass (or pitcher) of sangria they are seen as a refreshing person with a strong zest for life and immense fun to be around with. I mean a basic sangria just has a few chopped up fruits in them. How does fruit make you more fun?  I still stick to my "boring old" wine ways mostly, but every now and then, I do order a pitcher of sangria when I'm out with my friends. Or better yet, dad makes a concoction of his own.
Most sangrias don't call for anything more than wine and your choice of fruit and is very easy to do. A few nicer ones might have a dash of syrup or a spirit or even a spice like cinnamon for a more refined taste. Mine has quite a few eye-raising ingredients and is packed with quite a punch. 

Festival Song


Already almost a fortnight into November and the festivities are still manifesting! And it's so hard to keep away. So I felt the spirit of Diwali and decided I had to do an Indian outfit again. I rarely do any of those and it's such a pity. What's even more sad is that I rarely get occasions to wear these pretty pieces as well. I wait for weddings and celebrations where I can play dress up because there is nothing prettier than Indian clothes and the whole aspect of how regal the pieces can look. I sometimes wish I could have lived in a palace where such clothing was mandatory for all residents and it would be very strange to not come down for breakfast dressed like you're about to go for a wedding reception. That would really be something. So much for wishful thinking!

Beautiful Place


You may notice something a little different in this post. I'm a little too smiley, which is unlike me, since I get awkward and tense up for most pictures. But I would attribute the smiles to a very nice meal that left all of us pretty satiated. Asian food always tends to bring out the best in me. The other, is that one of my favourite bands - Good Charlotte - just reunited! Finally, the last one is the excitement of finding the perfect place or the right kind of setting to wear a trench coat without absolutely dying in the heat! 
I always tend to feel a little cold in some malls or offices and even the movie theater. And when I go to a few fancy places to dine, it's the same. So I figured, if I cannot wear a trench in the normal way like most people do for winters, at least here in Mumbai, I can carry mine along and put it on when faced with air conditioners that are on full blast. And guess what? It actually worked.