Globus AW’15 Trend: Layering up


The best part about living in Mumbai, is that we literally have two seasons, the summer and the rains, since we hardly ever experience the winters, save for a few cold nights a few times a year, but still, a bit of layering with your summer wardrobe still works. The worst part about Mumbai, is that we hardly ever experience cold weather, so that means no cute boots or trench coats and woolen anythings. But you have to make the best of what you have right?
Due to which recycling your summer wardrobe is actually a fun part. I layer all year round and my cardigans are practically my best friends. When it comes to dressing up for winter, I like playing around with different pieces and textures and even prints. So, this winter, I got together with Globus to create 5 distinctive looks that work for winter and can be carried forward and worn in summer as well. And along with layers, I also decided to add some jazz and mix a few prints as well.


The first outfit I styled is a monochrome look which is probably the most formal out of all. It's very office appropriate and can be styled with tan accessories. Or if you want to stick to the colour palette, black shoes. I almost went without any accessories, since this was already strong in it's own way, but added on a green jeweled neck-piece at the last minute that added some subtle colour to the look.
For me, an office look is not about being too rigid, but is more about being more approachable and fun. While a blazer is usually the uniform of most working women in most corporate sectors, I feel the simplicity of putting together a striped full sleeved tee under a chiffon draped vest, is a lot more appealing and chic.

The next one needed to be a little more plain and very wearable, that you usually just throw them on and step out of your house to run errands (probably not in those heels though!). I picked a printed floral dress that is usually worn as is, and just added a sleeveless shrug over it, and then belted it to get a peplum effect. Sticking to a blue and pink colour scheme, I chose my accessories. I felt a statement neck-piece looked apt for this particular look.
There are so many times that I end up picking the plainest of my dresses from my wardrobe especially when I'm running late. So my mantra is to take that dress to a newer level by adding a tiny cardigan or shrug or even a denim jacket because I hate being interpreted as someone who just got out of bed.

Moving on to the 3rd one, I felt a little more adventurous. I picked a classic summer staple - a maxi dress, and found a zippered snakeskin shrug and a geometric printed scarf that matched it a little too well. This is one of those outfits that you wear during winter during a long day, when you step out of your house in the morning, when it's still bright and sunny, and then return home much later at night. The shrug and scarf can be stowed away in your handbag until you feel the need to use them.
Keeping the scarf in mind, I picked no neck-piece as I knew it wouldn't show. Since this look is so bright, and with three different prints, I decided to ease off the accessories. My choice of a bag in this scenario would be a nice brown one to add some neutrality to the look.

The next one is my favourite kind of layering. I love wearing a checkered shirt as a jacket. For this particular look, I used a black and white combo and used a nice plain tunic as an outer layer. If  I had plans to go to the mall to shop and then catch a movie, this is something I would wear. The shirt is perfect because it does tend to get cold in the theatres and you don't have to shiver while you try to hold on to your cola.
Since I had a mall outfit in mind, I picked sneakers. The skirt and the blouse are not as casual, and can actually pass off for a dressy evening wear, but with the shirt and the sneakers I managed to make it casual. I would carry a sling bag and wear the most minimal amount of jewelry.

Last but not the least, I decided to do something I don't usually do. I hardly ever wear jumpsuits, because I can't seem to find one that fits or flatters me well. And then I don't even tie up my shirt this way either. But I decided to go for it. I picked a paisley printed jumpsuit that definitely needed a belt to add some definition to my waist, and so instead of the belt, a cute camouflaged shirt knotted up at the perfect spot, served it's purpose.
This look is so versatile, it can be worn on a date or for brunch with the friends or even to a bar. And if knotting up your shirt is not your style (and it isn't mine either), you can wear it un-knotted and it will still look just as great.

So let's put those pretty brains to work and create fun looks for winter and summer. All looks available in Globus stores, across India.

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  1. Loving your printed layered looks! You look great Roxanne

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