The Wrogn Auditions | Win a hangover in Vegas


How far will you go to win a hangover in Vegas along with three of your selected friends? Don't worry, none of your friends have to be involved in either stages of tying the knot so it doesn't have to be a bachelor party. Hell it doesn't even have to be an all boys group, it can be a girl's hangover trip too! But the question really is how far will you go? Virat Kohli's recently launched clothing line Wrogn, is sending one extremely lucky person + their entourage for an unforgettable experience in Vegas!

The only catch is, you'll have to answer a set of 10 questions. Sounds easy right? But don't be fooled. This isn't an ordinary set of questions. They will be no rebellious, pretentious ass-kissing in these questions. For example you cannot parallel park when you're drunk, even though you think you can, but you shouldn't be doing it in the first place! And when Virat asks you if you are willing to get up dance for him when he asks you to, any hopeful with their passport out, ready to be stamped would scream and say YES! Of course I will!! But guess what, that's not what they are looking for! Kohli doesn't get impressed by such tactics but respects people who respect themselves and you'll get out just for your lame attempt to please a celebrity.

So of course I had to try my own luck. With such high stakes, who wouldn't? A trip to anywhere would be lovely, I always love exploring and getting to new places. Not to mention, I do love me some alcohol too. So this sounded like something up my ally. At first try I got out on Q.3 Of course, in my defence, this is a thing of the past, and I don't really do this anymore. Also the question was something almost everyone I know is guilty of and would get out on! The only people who would really pass this are people as old as my grandmother who don't own smartphones. Everyone else is probably lying.

Nevertheless, Virat called me a narcissist, but hey, sometimes if my lipstick looks so impeccable and if I'm very bored (and earphones-less) while in a taxi on my way to an event, I do take selfies! Tons of them. They don't go up on social media, but just stay on my phone!
But clearly, you need to have a clear mind to think well and answer all of these questions and get them all correctly to advance.

Since I got kicked out of the game pretty soon, I was thrilled to see that I could re-do the whole Q&A process as long as I shared the post. Which I did. Several times. The furthest I've got to is Q.7. It took me 4 different attempts and do overs to get there. I may have lost patience finally and made myself a drink mid-way and told myself Vegas is out of the question, and I'd rather have party at home with my friends with cocktails, but I see myself trying again after a couple of days.

Have you tried auditioning yet? If Vegas is not in your stars, at least you might end up winning some tees from Wrogn. Try your luck at here!

P.S: I assure you, I'm just finalising my posse before I get back to cracking all those questions. Beat you to Vegas!
Also, you're welcome for the few hints, so you may not have to fail and get out as many times as I did!

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