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Most days are "off days". Or to a non-fashion blogger, a regular day. My off-day uniform is a nice pair of jeans (well fitted or anti fit and distressed) along with a cutesy blouse or a tee and always a cardigan. My shoes are either flats or slip ons and sometimes sneakers. I rarely wear jewelry, and if, while in the hurry to leave my place, I spot a neckpiece lying around from the event I attended almost a week ago (I'm a messy person) then I just throw it on. If I get a call from a friend asking me to get ready to go out, I'll take not more than 7 minutes to get ready, along with my makeup which consists of lipstick and sometimes some liner. My hair is as it is, always.

This whole process or more like an un-process, comes across as an alarming surprise to a lot of people. In the last 2 weeks alone, I've managed to throw off (in a nice way) a bunch of people who I had meetings with because of my regular demeanour. They were very open to discuss how they had a preconceived mind and expected to see me as a "fashion blogger" and to dress the part, as one of them suggested. Another told me that they thought bloggers wore only high heels at all times, to which I humourously had to explain how major sports brands have been sending almost high end sneakers to a vast majority of bloggers, so don't be surprised if you see them wearing their free shoes to make the brand happy. Another young woman confessed that she felt very overwhelmed ever since we fixed our meeting because she thought she wasn't up to the mark, fashionably, and that I would probably judge her based on what she wore, and I appreciated her honesty and told her I wasn't the kind of person (or fashion blogger) who would look down or judge anyone based on what they wore. I celebrate comfort and being effortless and I love to see someone with their own sense of style.

Also I cannot reiterate enough about how important it is to be YOU when you get ready every morning. Trying to please others with your appearance and trying to impress them doesn't always work well. Trying to only follow and copy what your favourite celebrity or fashion blogger wears is like basically putting on a pair of blindfolds and stepping on scattered shards of glass, whilst barefoot. It's always better to be you and be comfortable in your get-up. A pair of jeans and a tee is basically all I need. Before I got into full time blogging and was still working a 9-5 (and more), I still rubbed shoulders with the fashion fraternity (especially all the models, photographers and make up artists as well as the brand owners) and I dressed for work in my regular way, not to impress clients or the male models and try and flaunt the fact that I was a fashion blogger, even though I had a blog that was more than 3 years old. With my comfy jeans, which would allow me to crawl on the ground to help a model with their shoes, without flashing the entire room, I was always good to go. I usually picked a longer tunic and carried a cardi because a lot of studios would get cold. And of course, I always had sneakers on. Once I got into my full time blogging, I was at an event where I met a male model who I've worked with on several occasions, and I could tell, he was really taken aback, when he saw me in something other than the usual (I wore a dress and a pair of heels). This has happened several times already. 

But that's the thing. This harsh judgement and this whole set of fashion blogging uniforms; from the high heels and the crop tops are killing normality and doesn't always fit into the real world. It's one thing to get decked up for a promotional shoot, but it's another thing to wear the same outfit when getting from place A to B and trying to catch a taxi after you're done with dinner and had a few drinks. As much as I'd love to look like I've walked out of a sitcom and ready for my close up in the music video of my life, I also like being realistic and relatable. And after fashion week and the need to be dressed to the nines, I felt like I needed to unwind and get back to my basics for a bit. 

So I switched off for a bit and decided to stick to my own uniform, I wore a cute printed blouse with my distressed denims. Since I had to still portray and carry off the role of a fashion blogger, instead of a solid coloured cardigan, I added a longer striped one, so that it was more cape-like and also I had a bit of print-clash happening. So one trend down. Along with the bag I've been carrying all week because I've been to lazy to shift all my stuff to another one, which as luck would have had it, is the colour of the year, and I promise you, I've had this bag since this post, and my new flats (which I bought during an event because I felt like my own shoes were going to fall apart on my feet) I set out for the day. 

Striped dress (worn as cape) - Dragon Mart, Dubai | Tiered blouse - Jabong | Boyfriend Jeans - c/o Levi's | Bag - c/o Persunmall | 
Sunnies - Aldo | Flats - Pantaloons | OMG neckpiece - Forever 21 | Leaf neckpiece - c/o Accessorize

Images: Ron Sharma

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