Travel Diary | Belgium & Holland


Here's the Dutch-Belgian side of my lovely vacation. I have Dutch family who actually stay near Brussels so my base was set up there, while I visited a few other countries/cities. So I began with Brussels and then towards the Dutch cities - Delft and Amsterdam and Maastricht and the beach in Holland. And of course the lovely cities Gent and Brugges in Belgium. I was with my aunt and cousins most of the time and I also got to visit both the cities my cousins were studying in and see their dorm rooms as well as the nearby sights. 
This post is a selection of my favourite images from these cities. As you can probably tell, I was obsessed with Zaanse Schans and the windmills all around! I was obviously sad because I didn't get to see the tulips in bloom because I was a couple of weeks too late! But the canals and beautiful blue skies made up for it. And of course the darling cats! At the house I stayed at when we visited Amsterdam. 

Things you can do in these lovely places:

  • Taste a lot of different kinds of cheeses. My favourite was lavender cheese. Yep. That actually exists!
  • Gaze at the old windmills against clear blue skies for ages. Very therapeutic.
  • Walk all over in Amsterdam. I did, from the train station up till Albert Cuypmarket and back.
  • Fall in love with stroopwafels.
  • Rent and ride a bike. Best way to explore the city. Also you'll perfectly fit in. 
  • Book a canal ride in either Amsterdam or Brugges. 
  • Drink Belgian beer! I'm not a fan of beer, but I'm in love with their cherry flavoured beer and I would have it every day. 

Images taken on Canon 60D and iPhone 5, edited on VSCO cam

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  1. Aaa this place is a dream. The blue saturated sky and that light. I am so happy you did this trip, it must have been so, so inspiring!

  2. love!!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  3. Amazing pictures. Lovely views. You are looking beautiful <3

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