Los colores de Barcelona


When I visited Spain, I wasn't prepared for the burst of colour(s) that would hit from the minute I walked out of the airport. From the beautifully painted mural at the Barcelona airport (which I didn't get to click any pictures at, since I was in a hurry, both times) to the literal works of art all over the city and not to mention the saturated blue skies and lush green gardens, and of course the gastronomic delights. I knew at once, my Barcelona post was going to be one of the most colourful post of all! So I snapped away, capturing some lovely moments and some of my favourite places during my short little stay.

Travel Diary | Belgium & Holland


Here's the Dutch-Belgian side of my lovely vacation. I have Dutch family who actually stay near Brussels so my base was set up there, while I visited a few other countries/cities. So I began with Brussels and then towards the Dutch cities - Delft and Amsterdam and Maastricht and the beach in Holland. And of course the lovely cities Gent and Brugges in Belgium. I was with my aunt and cousins most of the time and I also got to visit both the cities my cousins were studying in and see their dorm rooms as well as the nearby sights. 
This post is a selection of my favourite images from these cities. As you can probably tell, I was obsessed with Zaanse Schans and the windmills all around! I was obviously sad because I didn't get to see the tulips in bloom because I was a couple of weeks too late! But the canals and beautiful blue skies made up for it. And of course the darling cats! At the house I stayed at when we visited Amsterdam.